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Polymer Clay Daily – thanks!

Just a note of acknowledgement and thanks for featuring my work on Polymer Clay Daily – yesterday!

Milner’s shifting geometry

by Cynthia Tinapple on March 3, 2010 · 1 comment

Need more Synergy? Try Heather Campbell’s site, Libby Mills’ or Julie Eakes‘ blogs and Kelly Russell’s site. Maureen Carlson commented yesterday and brought up issues to think about in the polymer versus polymer clay debate. Leave your thoughts and I’ll try to pick up the thread soon.

I’m going to let the topic rest for a few days as I pack for a month-long trip out west and prepare to take this show on the road.

The necklace at the left from France’s Kylee Milner (Bijoux and Banter) popped up as I was catching up on research. Polymer disks bump up against one another to form a shifting geometry amid the play of autumn reds.

This just in…

Elise Winters writes that while her jewelry’s debut on the fashion runways was exciting, it was, “…nowhere near as thrilling as seeing Gwen Ifill wearing my teal lattice rope necklace on the PBS news hour tonight.”

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Polymer Art: Terra Luna – Après les vendanges des Corbières

As Autum takes over the Corbières vines the colours turn from the rich purples and greens to beautiful golden hues, russet reds and oranges. This creation is part of the Terra Luna range and is inspired by the Corbières vines.

Lunes Bijoux

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Polymer Clay Rocks!


Terra Luna_20091113_04, originally uploaded by Lunes Bijoux.

I have had a fabulous time creating a new range of designs using a variety of techniques. This is a combination of Maggie Maggio’s watercolour technique with some rough texturing ideas from Natalia Garcia de Léaniz and then the shapes from Kim Cavender’s class at Euro Clay Carnival France.

I have this currently for sale in the studio although I must admit I am really tempted to keep it for myself. I even had fun shaping my own silver clasp!

Polymer Clay really does rock.

This is part of the Terra Luna Collection.

Terra Luna_20091113_03
Terra Luna_20091113_08Terra Luna_20091113_12

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Who influences your creativity?

Since starting out on the polymer clay path several years ago I have been awe struck by many an artist.

One of my most recent influences has been Ronna Sarvas Weltman and her stunning new book “Ancient Modern”. Her eathy style, vibrant colours and use of mixed media are wonderful.

I am not one to follow a specific tutorial just like I don’t like to follow a recipe in it’s entirety… so this is my take on Ancient Modern.

Luna Incantation

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Pearls & Polymer – Pearlie Queen Yo

LUNA Yo perlie queen_004, originally uploaded by Lunes Bijoux.

Introducing Pearlie Queen Yo!

This creation was custom made for a client of mine who had requested I use her old pearls in a new modern lariat polymer creation.
The earrings made from polymer & sterling silver were a little present from me to her!

This was my first time making large flat beads with holes in the middle for her precious pearls. It was a delight to make and I am sure there will be variations of this in the months to come.