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Men, photography & tables

I just have to share this photo with you. It was sent to me by a friend of mine. Apparently this wonderful table is for sale. Nothing surprising or new there… why am I sharing it with you?

Well I have a little question for you….How do you know that this table is being sold by and was photographed by a man? 

I await your comments….

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Fancy a scrum?

There is something to be said for a rugby scrum? All those bottoms in the air and grunting! I just love it, well far more than football. I must admit during the rugby world cup I was really torn for who to support. France since I live here and I think Chabal is just a pure rugby hunk! England as I was born there? Or New Zealand because their Haka just sends tingles down my spine….

So now the season is starting again…not only do we have the 6 Nations kicking off tomorrow but we also have our Rugby à XIII in the form of the Catalan Dragons taking on some Northern England rugby teams. And where does that leave my loyalty? With the French guys of course!

Living in the Aude means that we have the choice of Rugby à XIII and XV, personally I prefer the XV but a scrum is a scrum! We are really spoilt for choice and the French are really passionate about their sport.

So vive les weekends with the English supporters cheering on their side and me cheering on mine!

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We have finally set the date!

After much deliberation the date has been set for our first “Rencontre de l’art et des Saveurs” at Luc Sur Orbieu. Having taken over the role of President of the Arts & Culture section I seemed to have a bit of a battle on my hands convincing other committee members (all male 50 some things) that to organise something for Valentine’s weekend would leave us running around like headless chickens. Breaking away from the past is difficult but it needs to be done. And then there was the suggestion (by me of course) to explore the “culture” side of the section rather than just limiting it to “art”. Perhaps if there is food & drink available more people will come? “Oui mais on veut faire quelque chose qui sort de l’ordinaire” was their response! I knew I was too eager and optimistic!

So petit à petit I managed to convince them that it would work together and that if we held the event in April rather than February we could hopefully attract outside stands and even a grillade at lunchtime. March here in France is a complete no no this year, the first weeeknd is “la fête des grandmères” and then the following two weekends are the all important municipal elections and then of course Easter. So I have won the first round….but I’m along way from the finishing line.

Then I had the all important task of collecting the big red folder from the ex-president sealing my fate as the new president! So what next? Well I have a folder to explore, a letter of invitation to write and I need to contact our charming village journalist to inform him not only of a change in presidency but also of the event itself!

For those of you reading this and living locally please make a note in your diary – Sunday 6 April, Salle Jean-Jaurès, Luc Sur Orbieu. Anyone requiring more information regarding exhibiting etc., please contact me as soon as possible! Ok, off to climb my mountain….

……but before I do a picture for the weekend – where in the world?