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Not enough hours in a day, week…. month

This morning sitting watching the sun rise over the Corbieres and hearing the tractors rumbling past on their way to harvest grapes, I suddenly realised I hadn’t looked at my blog for a while…. looking at the stats I don’t think anyone else has either but that’s another story!

I tried cutting corners earlier this year. I tried linking Instagram, Facebook  Twitter together so that all I had to do was post in one area and let a sharing app do the rest…. it didn’t really work!

So, where do I go from here? Well I am going to try and resurrect Bijoux & Bijoux, assuming I can find my audience again….. if you are out there and reading this it would be great to know….

Over the summer, Andy & I decided to focus on selling our designs in Sérignan. We closed the studio for 2 months and set up shop on 3 campsites.


It worked, it was fun, physical at times but great to meet new clients and dear friends along the way. This gave me time for reflection.

I have been at an artistic crossroads for a while.  Despite the fact that my polymer art is successful and sells well I no longer take pleasure in working in this medium. Throwing myself into working with recycled ties and launching the Crav’arte range has been a real tonic for me and I have plans to take this line further. However, I still felt there was something missing. Then I realised I needed to do a bit of a U turn and go back to something I worked on 12 years ago.

So here I am, in September launching a new jewellery range dedicated to gemstones but more specifically well being. My focus and take on this range will be completely different to 12 years ago. It will not consist of necklaces on display,  bracelets to try on and earrings to select. I have decided to make this range personal, intimate and just like each one of us individual. Based on a consultation, together, a range of stones will be selected to accompany the person on their current life path. The consultation can either be face to face or even via the Internet.  Some clients have chosen to have their cards read in order to ascertain a focus. I’m going to save that for another post!

I hope that my next post will follow quite quickly and won’t be as wordy as this one! In the meantime here is one of the first bespoke bracelets made to help a client on her current path. It features amethyst, quartz, citrine and carnelian. The beads were selected based on a tarot / oracle reading. Want to know more? Let me know!ACCQ 15-09-2017 15-17-47.jpg


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Un clin d’oeil de mon atelier- Tagging time!

Libzoid Blog owned by Libby Mills featured a series of studio snapshots  a couple of week’s ago and I thought it was great.

As a result of the original author (Libby Mills) complaining about this post, I have had to amend it. I am sorry for any offense caused. Obviously it was a total misunderstanding and as an artist I would never “STEAL” someone’s work.

Artist Kylee Milner

Business: Lunes Bijoux

Website: Lunes Bijoux

Is there any area purposely made for your creations? Yes, it’s wonderful. I started off in a very small bedroom and have gradually expanded to a professional workspace.

Where can it be found? At the front of our house – the studio is open to the public so needs to be easily accessible.

What size is the space you work in? Having knocked down a large wall and taken the bathroom out it is now a relatively large space.

What medium(s) do you work in? polymer clay, gemstones, glass…

How would you describe your studio? Welcoming

What do you think is the best feature of your studio? Good lighting and now spacious!

What would you change if you could? The use of the upstairs part of the studio which is just a storage area. I would like to have this area as my teaching room but then the stairs could be a problem for some people therefore limiting classes etc.,

Can you share an organisational tip? Deal with something straight away if possible. Don’t just put beads to one side when you have finsihed with them thinking you’ll move them later because you won’t! Do it straight away. This way they don’t end up on the floor!

Describe the usual state of your work table? Tidy – I can’t work went it’s in a mess!

(My new space)

Does your work table face out into the room or toward the wall? Towards the wall – my old space used to face out into the room and I hated it when things would roll off onto the floor!

(My old space)

What’s one drawback of your studio/artistic space? Limited wall display space in the Bead Shop section.

Do you listen to music in your studio? Yes, anything & everything depending upon my mood, creations in progress and clients in at the time!

Whose studio space would you like to read about? I would like to tag the following artists to reveal their studio spaces….

Judith of JJ Colour Art

Diane of Much of a muchness

Luny of Polymer ClayHouse

Over to you…..!

Many thanks to Libby for the idea & questions!

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Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom!

“Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom” I have no idea who Bayle Roche is but I feel this quote sums up the whole experience.

Well I am back from Mirepoix and what a total disappointment. Very poor organisation, no thought to advertising and promoting the whole concept of “Parure & Parade”. I was so disappointed that I refused to submit a piece for the voting……I had a suspicion that it was all a set-up. The best thing about it all was the wonderful meal we had for lunch on the Thursday and my next door neighbour “Sylvie” who lent me her sun hat!

My stand ready for inspection.

The piece I was going to submit but withdrew from the voting rigmarole

So now my attention turns to running classes, re-stocking and preparing for my next “outdoor” event which I know will be far more professionally organised!

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Which would get your vote?

I am still working towards submitting a piece for the event at Mirepoix next week (see post Polymer or semi-precious gemstones a real dilemma).

I have finished working on my gemstone range (or so I think I have) so that now I can turn my attention towards claying for a week.

However, supposing I was only exhibiting gemstones…which one of the following below would get your vote? I really appreciate your honest opinions / views.

1. Agate “Hidden Zebra”

2. Agate “Snakeskin delight”

3. Chalcedony “Quand neigera t-il?”

4. Obsidian “Maho mamma”

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Jasper – what a gem!

I love Jasper it comes in so many different shades ranging from the warmth and earthy feel of red jasper right through to the mustards and pale yellows of Mookite (Australian Jasper).

Jasper is said to be both a healing stone and an invigorating one. It brings stillness to a troubled mind. It is a grounding stone and is used in the base chakra of our sexual energies. Jasper is also the birthstone for Aries.

I have just been reviewing my Jasper creations past & present and thougth I would share them with you.

Mookite / Australian Jasper

Various Jasper

Picture Jasper Silver leaf Jasper

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Polymer or semi-precious gemstones? A real dilemma!

I have had my thinking cap on for the past week or so as I have decided to participate in a 4 day jewellery event in Mirepoix, France. Mirepoix is in the Ariège and attracts thousands of visitors every year to it’s 13th Century Medieval town. The event being organised is called “Parures & Parades”

Now my dilemma is this……I am able to submit a piece of jewellery to a “public vote” which offers a first prize of 500 € then 250 € and finally a third prize of 100 €… what should I focus on semi-precious gemstones or polymer clay? I am split 50:50 as I believe that the gemstones offer a certain amount of class and exquisiteness but do not provide me with the “ownership” that polymer clay does. Any thoughts?

Last weekend’s Rencontre de l’art & des Saveurs was a huge success, exhibitors were happy, the public was impressed with the choice and all the food at lunchtime from the BBQ proved a total sell out. The Midi-Libre has today published a report on the event and I am thrilled at not only the right up but the profile for Luc Sur Orbieu!

Here is the article:

It always makes me smile when I think of buying gifts in France as the French automatically expect to be offered a courtesy “papier cadeau”. I have perfected the art of gift wrapping purchases and now take great pride in offering this service. It does take a certain degree of time & skill though as featured here in the film Love Actually! I always ensure however to get their money first so I can guarantee the sale! Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt?