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Tapenade – ginger, lemon & garlic

Thought I would share my latest tapas dish with you. I love making little bowls of dips particularly now the summer is here and the rosé is well chilled!

My latest recipe was a real experiment and I thought it worked wonders….

Take the following:

1 jar of green olives with stones removed

1 lemon (zest & juice)

1 clove of garlic

small piece of ginger

fresh coriander

olive oil (glugs!)


Place in mixer and blend to a smooth paste – add more olive oil to achieve correct consistency.

Serve with….

Tortillas, crackers and of course a good rosé!


Fiery Pork

Fancy something to make those taste buds really tingle? This is one of my “blow your mind” pork recipes which is so quick and easy to make!

I use Friginat ( which is a really cheap cut of pork), the most tasty part really!

You will need

1.5 kilos of porc friginat (for 5 people)
2 red peppers
2 large onions
garlic (lots)
dried red chilli’s or fresh
garlic oil
sesame seeds
hp brown sauce
soy sauce
  1. slice the pork into strips
  2. chop garlic, chilli’s
  3. sprinkle over pork, season and pour of garlic oil (marinade for a couple of hours)
  4. place pork in oven and roast
  5. stir fry red peppers & onions
  6. add pork to peppers & onions when cooked
  7. add honey (lashings) & hp brown sauce
  8. roast sesame seeds and add to pork

To Serve

  • Serve with wild rice & crusty bread
  • Dry white wine – Chateau de Luc, Louis Fabre

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Couch Potato or Chicken?

Well for the past two night we have avidly watched Hugh’s Chicken Run. Living in France and watching UK TV means you have to cope with the time difference! Yes I know it’s only an hour but it is made difficult when you have been up most of the night before playing nurse!

I must admit in the past (when living in the UK) I bought “cheaper” value chickens and they were never as tasty as the free range ones. Here in France I do buy the “label rouge” ones and really appreciate the quality of their meat. Our friends at Domaine de Meilhan rear their own chickens for eggs and it is amazing how attached you can become to them.

Hugh’s documentary reveals the reality of battery farming, it’s enough to make you become vegetarian! Well almost! The program has also focused on a group of local residents from a nearby estate and you can not help but get drawn to the characters, especially Hayley who is adamant still that she can only afford the cheaper farmed chickens being a single mum. She is so bloody minded I doubt that Hugh will turn her thinking around in the final episode due for screening tonight. Will she have a day time TV slot in the future? She does seem to have become the “mother hen” of the brood! And has attempted to give Hugh a peck or two! Sexual chemistry? I doubt it – particularly in those overalls!

So tonight is the final chapter, will the people of Axminster change their ways? Or at the end of the day will it come down to the best supermarket price?