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Corbières Créatives – Making a creative leap together!

Welcome to Corbières Créatives


Making a creative leap together!

Unleash your creative skills in the Corbières, France. Catering for the visual arts with creative polymer clay & jewellery workshops & events all year round. Language workshops also available – improve your French!

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Les Talents du Terroir à Luc-sur-Orbieu

Yesterday evening was the opening night and “vernissage” of the 16th Art Exhibition – “Les Talents du Terroir”. As the President of the Arts & Culture association I was honoured to find myself amongst such talented artists, painters, photographers & sculpteurs.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 17 August and is open 17h – 19h, entry free.

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Polymer or semi-precious gemstones? A real dilemma!

I have had my thinking cap on for the past week or so as I have decided to participate in a 4 day jewellery event in Mirepoix, France. Mirepoix is in the Ariège and attracts thousands of visitors every year to it’s 13th Century Medieval town. The event being organised is called “Parures & Parades”

Now my dilemma is this……I am able to submit a piece of jewellery to a “public vote” which offers a first prize of 500 € then 250 € and finally a third prize of 100 €… what should I focus on semi-precious gemstones or polymer clay? I am split 50:50 as I believe that the gemstones offer a certain amount of class and exquisiteness but do not provide me with the “ownership” that polymer clay does. Any thoughts?

Last weekend’s Rencontre de l’art & des Saveurs was a huge success, exhibitors were happy, the public was impressed with the choice and all the food at lunchtime from the BBQ proved a total sell out. The Midi-Libre has today published a report on the event and I am thrilled at not only the right up but the profile for Luc Sur Orbieu!

Here is the article:

It always makes me smile when I think of buying gifts in France as the French automatically expect to be offered a courtesy “papier cadeau”. I have perfected the art of gift wrapping purchases and now take great pride in offering this service. It does take a certain degree of time & skill though as featured here in the film Love Actually! I always ensure however to get their money first so I can guarantee the sale! Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt?

Polymer Clay

What is it about Polymer Clay?

What is it about Polymer Clay that produces such a mixed bag of comments? Comments which you never hear with semi-precious gemstones or glass. Whilst the majority of people that pass through the door or by the stand at an exhibition are in awe at the intricacy of the work some are down right plain rude. I have begun to laugh at these uneducated views and would love to see what they could produce given the chance.
Polymer Clay is such an interesting medium to work with, it can be sculpted, moulded, carved, rolled, squashed…..the list is endless. The feeling of seeing a stunning piece materialise from the oven is wonderful. It’s really only when you begin to work with the clay that you can really appreciate it’s beauty.