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Calling European Polymer Clay Artists!

Euro Polymer Clay People
– A Photo Album of European Polymer Clay Artists and their Work-

The International Polymer Clay Association has gone international this year and there is a growing community of Polymer Clayers in Europe. The connection to America is still quite weak and only a couple of European artists are household names on both sides of the big pond. In February 2010 the Synergy II Conference will take place in Baltimore. At this meeting a lot of connections are made, but this is not a road
many Europeans can travel.

With all this in mind an idea was born: the idea of a photo album of European Clay People and their work, which will travel to the Synergy Conference in 2010.

This Photo Album will show the wide variety of European Clay Work in its present state (that is in 2009), but to show it, we need YOU!!!! All of you Polymer Clay enthusiasts in Europe!

We will select a good number of people, that will have the opportunity to show their work: Five pictures of their work (one bigger and four smaller ones), your Name, City and Country,  a contact Email or URL, and, if you like, a small picture of you.  We would like a short description of you and your work (about 200 – 300 words, in English. This text will not be edited, so please, send it in in good English!).

The pictures have to be of high quality ( one 210 by 130 mm, 400 dpi, four 130 by 100 mm 400 dpi) and uncut. Preferable unpublished, but that is not a hard and fast rule. However if your work has been published anywhere else already, do state so, please!

We do especially encourage new faces and of all European countries (including Israel and Turkey) to send in their entries.

There is an option of buying a printed version for everyone after the Synergy Conference in February 2010, if there is enough interest in it. The price will depend on how many people show their interest in this project.

We hope this call for entries will be of interest for a great number of European Clayers and we are looking forward to seeing your work! Please do send your work in before the 10th of December 2009. The ones we select will have to sign an agreement, which will give us permission to publish their work.

Please, forward this call of entries to other European Clayers, who you think might be intrested in sending their work to us!

If you do have any additional questions, please do send us an Email, and we will be happy to help you!

Anke Humpert ( ) and
Martina Weller ( )

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Polymer Clay – Bead swap challenge

One of our members has contacted me to enquire about the possibilty of doing another Bead Swap Challenge. Our first one took place last year and was a great success. The basic idea is that we decide upon a focus make a set or single bead depending upon what the challenge is and then send that bead to someone else on the list and in return you get one made by someone else. Anyone interested should join the European Polymer Clay People forum and add their name to the list.

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Euro Clay Carnival France 2009

Come and learn from the very best!
Julie Picarello - Yellow House Designs. Come and learn from the very best!

Hello everyone – just a quick update on the progress of the Euro Clay Carnival scheduled to take place in France for the very first time.

The dates are 1 – 4 October 2009
Place: Luc-sur-Orbieu, Aude, France
Nearest airport: Carcassonne
Nearest train station: Narbonne or Lézignan Corbières

The workshops – 6 in total (2 per day of 4 hours duration)

Donna Kato
Kim Cavender
Julie Picarello
Carol Blackburn
Bettina Welker
Natalia Garcia de Leaniz

Price and more detailed information will be available very soon both on the EPCP forum and also from Lunes Bijoux

This proves to be a very exciting event and an ideal opportunity to combine a short break wine tasting, visiting the local area and meeting and learning from some first class polymer clay artists!

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Egyptian Lovers – Polymer Clay Art

Egyptian Lovers – a unique creation in polymer clay using a variety of techniques and Prémo & Fimo clay. Each bead was buffed prior to mounting.

It’s all go at the studio in Luc-sur-Orbieu. I have loads of different projects on the go as well as a daughter who is eager to learn to walk and is climbing up anything she can get hold of! This is her showing off a couple of weeks ago!

Today is the deadline for proposal submissions for the Euro Clay Carnival in October 2009 in France. The committe has a very difficult task of choosing who will instruct. If you are not already a member of European Polymer Clay People then why not join us now – it’s free!

I am also in the midst of organising the 16th annual art exhibition in Luc-sur-Orbieu which will take place mid August. More information in due course!

And on top of all of this I am running my polymer clay workshops once a week, considering standing for a position on the NPCG board and trying out a new line of polymer clay art – ssshh a secret for the minute. I honestly think I am busier now than when I lived in the UK – and more happier, fulfilled, valued, stretched…. – OK I’ll stop now!

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A texture challenge

The has set it’s first challenge for the New Year – and our very first challenge too! So all you Polymer Clay enthusiasts come and join us and see what artistic slant you can put on this challenge.

The EPCP forum requires membership, this is simply to protect against mass spamming. Membership is quick, free and simple. Should you require any additional information please contact me.