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Soirée Découverte – Euro Clay Carnival France 2009


Soirée Découverte! Discovery night!

Vendredi 2 octobre 2009 à la salle Jean-Jaurès à Luc-sur-Orbieu.

Tout est prévu pour se restaurer sur place !

Everything’s organised for you to eat at the event !

Dégustation et vente de produits régionaux :

Les Vins – Wines

Les Vignerons vous proposent :

Le verre / By the glass 2 €

La bouteille / By the bottle 6 €

Château Canos

Château de Luc

Cellier de Majorine

Les Celliers d’Orfée

Roque Sestière

L’alimentation – Food

Boucherie Marcos vous propose

L’assiette de charcuterie du Pays Cathare 4 €

Boulangerie Frédéric Arnault vous propose:

Le Gâteau du Pays Cathare –           Le Garriguet

Les Pains Pays Cathare

La Cargolade vous propose:

Assiette d’olives 1,50€

Assiette pâté d’escargots, salade, tomates & olives – 3,50 €

Assiette d’escargots cuisinés en sauce tomate – 7 €

Eric Pinson

Producteur de fromage de    chèvre

Le fromage 1,80 € – 3 €

Les Saveurs Marinés vous      propose:

Assiette de Tapenade  – 3 €

Assiette de la Mer  – 5 € (6 huîtres & 6 crevettes)

Tellines à l’ail – 5 € (petite barquette)

Démonstrations d’outils de la pâte polymère par Polymer Clay Express « Mini Marché  Polymère» avec les 6 animateurs.

Découverte des projets Voilà!, Progress & Possibilities, I.P.C.A, Pardo Clay

Échange de Jetons / Poker chip swap! A 20H30 !

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Polymer Clay Express in France!

The Euro Clay Carnival in France this October is delighted to welcome Polymer Clay Express to the team!

Rob & Wilma will be over from America for the duration of the carnival. This is a major scoop for France & Europe as participants to the carnival will not only be able to buy tools face to face but they will also be able to see Wilma demonstrate some of her new tools!

On top of all of this Rob & Wilma have also agreed to come back for more next March at the Clay Corbières Créatives event. Make sure you are signed up for the latest news as like this year, next year’s event is bound to be a sell out again.

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Full, full, full – polymer clay

Would you belive that it only took 8 days from launching the new Euro Clay Carnival France website to announcing that the event is fully booked! We have 60 participants signed up for the event which promises to be one of the best polymer clay workshops in France!

I have been hard at work on some new art objects inclusing salad & pasta servers, wine stoppers and pickle / shellfis forks. Watch this space for some new photos!

Servers & Stoppers - prices from 18 €
Servers & Stoppers - prices from 18 €
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How long a list?

Thought i would share my list of to do’s as it seems unchallenging yet long….and I don’t seem to be getting anything accomplished since Manon decided she wanted to learn how to walk!

  1. Order saucisse fraiche vacumn packed for Welsh friends
  2. Order 10 litre boxes or Merlot from Cambriel’s
  3. Pay VISA bill – YUK!
  4. Write Autumn newsletter for Lunes (change from monthly version)
  5. Continue with final touches to new Euro Clay Carnival France website ready for launch 1st october
  6. Send jewellery Lily Series to Mme Devaux in Yvelines
  7. Send dichroic cufflinks out
  8. Pay advert for LABBS convention
  9. Finish earrings for Mlle Andrieu
  10. Complete turquoise layers for bracelet ensemble order
  11. Book UK crossing for October
  12. Update nominee questionnaire for NPCG elections
  13. Phone Céline Cassiède – potter to arrange lunch
  14. Finalise display for open-day at Maison des Jeunes 6th Sept
  15. Return bottle of Fernet-Branca
  16. Check babysitters for Saturday
  17. Share new logo for Euro Clay Carnival
  18. Share a lovely family photo with you

Mmm now where shall I start – I know… at the end! The best is always last…..