Pearls & Polymer – Pearlie Queen Yo

LUNA Yo perlie queen_004, originally uploaded by Lunes Bijoux.

Introducing Pearlie Queen Yo!

This creation was custom made for a client of mine who had requested I use her old pearls in a new modern lariat polymer creation.
The earrings made from polymer & sterling silver were a little present from me to her!

This was my first time making large flat beads with holes in the middle for her precious pearls. It was a delight to make and I am sure there will be variations of this in the months to come.

A heir in the family loom

I haven’t shared much bijoux with you for a while.Banter has been getting in the way!

This creation is part of my B4KY Range and is made entirely of Coral. Whilst it is  nowadays illegal to remove coral from it’s natural habitat in most countries I am almost 100% sure that this coral was not gathered illegally. The coral used in this necklace dates back at least 60 years and belonged to my husband’s, father’s mother. It was passed along to my mother in law who brought it to me in a very sorry state.Having seen the devastating effect that the environment can have on coral I would hate to think that this coral was obtained in any way illegally. I would sooner admire the beauty of nature than a necklace around someone’s neck. Having said this I do occasionally wear it and it’s look stunning!

The B4KY range represents a range of jewellery or stones which already belong to someone but that need either some loving restoration work, a new lease of life or even a beginning. The following photos represent all of the above.

The amber pendant has been transformed from a brooch. My client no-longer wanted the brooch but felt that since the amber had been passed down to her she should keep it. We came up with a simple design which enabled her to wear it to dazzling effect.

The following stones are stunning and the story that goes with it is beautiful. One of my special bridal clients (who I had created the tiara, necklace & earrings for….. asked me to design two special presents for her bridesmaids. The stones were from a beach in New Zealand where she spent her honeymoon. The stones when they arrived at the studio were quite plain and non de script. We managed to drill perfect holes in them without shattering them and then string them. Fiona was delighted with the result – as were her bridesmaids.

The final was a client who was tired with a plain set of stunning pearls and felt that they needed a bit of life putting into them. She actually wanted me to create several pieces from one string. As you can see I managed to design 2 necklaces, an anklet and a stunning pair of earrings.

OK enough of Bijoux – Banter’s back on the perch. Diane with the gorgeous books over at Much of a muchnes has been letting the recent Oscar’s go to her head. What a win for France by the way! And what a beautiful woman too….not to mention her dress.

Anyway, she has honoured me with another award and I am delighted to accept it….now I did write a speech but was frightened of the response I might get particularly since the Oscar audience can be quite cutting……. YOUR OSCAR SPEECH IS BORING

So without any further ado – thanks Diane, I’ll shut up now!