Guaranteed to turn heads

I have managed to drag Andy away from the wine barrels long enough for him to  produce a new range of stunning sterling silver earrings. Each design is hallmarked with our own personal logo. I’m sure there are some additional new shapes to follow before Christmas.



Boucles de Lunes from Lunes Bijoux

Lunes Bijoux enters a new phase this week with the arrival of a new range of earrings made by Andy. Andy is normally responsible for all the polymer clay polishing, buffing and piercing but for once he has put his hand to a stunning new range of earrings using fine silver and sterling silver. The centre bead can either be made from silver or polymer clay.

This is new range arrives just in time for Christmas! And I am sure it will immensely successful!


Les promos de Lunes – boucles d’oreilles en polymère

A à l’atelier Lunes Bijoux il y a des boucles d’oreilles en promo!

Tout un panier à 15€. Fabrication polymère & argent (925) ou polymère & vermeil.

Passez nous voir et découvrir les nouvelles couleurs et tendances.

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Encore des bijoux qui font tourner les têtes!

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Hot off the Press: Polymer earrings

Occitania boucles 08042010 1, originally uploaded by Lunes Bijoux.

I have been working with some new Premo self-mixed colours and gold leaf. These earrings were produced as part of one of my class demonstrations combining mokume gane techniques with mica shift. Lots of fun!
Corbières Créatives now stocks an excellent range of the Ateco cookie cutters – I used the football shaped ones from the mini-fours set.
To download a list of products available see here.
To see a full range of earrings check out the Luna Boucles on Lunes Bijoux.

Pâte Polymère: Atelier-stage: Boucles d’oreilles

Occitania Prune 19-02-2010 17-27-45
Atelier de création : Boucles d’oreilles
Faites vos boucles d’oreilles en apprenant des techniques de la pâte polymere. Réalisation de 3 paires de boucles d’oreilles.
Luna Bella
3 heures – 30 Euros par personne.
Inclus: pâte, papier de verre
Ce qu’il faut ajouter: apprêts pour les boucles d’oreilles – en vente sur place.

10h – 13h: mercredi 14 avril 2010 à l’atelier Lunes – Corbières Créatives

2 places encore disponibles
Occitania Mica circle 3

Terra Luna Pebble Earrings – Polymer Clay

Having managed to find time again last week in the studio I have been experimenting with the Ranger Inks and embossing Powders on polymer clay. This are “hot off the press”.
Terra Lunna Earrings pebbles 0304 2010 - 9
Corbières Créatives stocks both Ranger inks and a wide range of Ranger embossing powders – not to mention kato, fimo & prémo clays. Click here to request your mail order price list.

Terra Lunna Earrings pebbles 0304 2010 - 1

Polymer Clay – Occitania Prune at Lunes Bijoux

I have been working with a new range of colours. I love mixing my own palette from a range of base Premo colours. This time around my starter colours were Alizarin Crimson, ecru, gold, pearl, green and some copper metal leaf.
The inclusion of my first watch part comes from Neville Fletcher.
Look out for a new series of designs “Renaissance Occitania”

Anyone interested in learning the techniques of Mokume Gane can visit Corbières Créatives and book a workshop.

Polymer Clay Rocks!


Terra Luna_20091113_04, originally uploaded by Lunes Bijoux.

I have had a fabulous time creating a new range of designs using a variety of techniques. This is a combination of Maggie Maggio’s watercolour technique with some rough texturing ideas from Natalia Garcia de Léaniz and then the shapes from Kim Cavender’s class at Euro Clay Carnival France.

I have this currently for sale in the studio although I must admit I am really tempted to keep it for myself. I even had fun shaping my own silver clasp!

Polymer Clay really does rock.

This is part of the Terra Luna Collection.

Terra Luna_20091113_03
Terra Luna_20091113_08Terra Luna_20091113_12