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Corbières Créatives – Making a creative leap together!

Welcome to Corbières Créatives


Making a creative leap together!

Unleash your creative skills in the Corbières, France. Catering for the visual arts with creative polymer clay & jewellery workshops & events all year round. Language workshops also available – improve your French!

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It’s all in the gun…..

I have been working with polymer clay for a couple of years now and have worked my way through two clay guns. I really couldn’t get along with the Makins ones finding the handles too hard to turn.

In 2008 – I decided to try a completely different clay gun and I love it! So much so that I stock them in the studio and they sell like hot cakes!

The craft gun is perfect for all polymer clay work. The barrel self cleans and is easy to take a part and wash.  The lever system is easy to squeeze provided the clay is well conditioned and warm.

I am now in the process of organising a Craft Gun Master Class which will be in the Spring at Lunes Bijoux.

Here are a few pictures of recent creations made using my clay gun.

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Teething & Chocolate Oranges!

Poor Manon Lily is cutting her top two front teeth in the heat of the summer….she wants cuddles but is too hot….oh growing up is so hard! At least the amber necklace she wears is providing a great deal of relief. That and a chilled teething ring, face cloth and melons!

I have been busy focusing on combining several techniques with my polymer clay and trying to produce quite small beads with big impact. I love the colour combination of chocolate brown and orange so was very pleased with the outsome of this design. The beads are doubled sided which means that even if they were to spin round the design is exactly the same.

Polymer Clay Chocolate Orange - 45 €
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A polymer clay creation for Yo!

Since the oven is off and out of bounds for a couple of weeks as building working has begun in earnest in the soon to be new-look Lunes Bijoux studio, I thought I would share one of my previous creations with you.

The necklace is made from polymer clay and is really light to wear. I was asked to produce something striking in reds, oranges & yellows and was really given carte blanche to produce exactly what I felt like. I love it when my clients just let me be so creative! I was dying to experiment with lots of contrasting patterns & tones and since I knew the person I was creating for I knew she would be able to carry off such a bold design.

Using rolled canes, mokume gane & skinner blends I came up with this striking piece. The great thing about it is that it is totally unique and Yo knows that when she wears it she will never bump into an exact same copy! It’s one of my guarantees that I will not produce exactly the same twice and having hand mixed the colours I don’t think I could re-produce it again if I tried!