Luna Beads – Polymer Clay Workshop at Lunes Bijoux

Discover how to make beautiful big beads. Techniques which can be applied to jewellery & objects alike.

Luna Beads  Master Class


Skinner blends
Canes:  stripe, zipper bullseye

Create big beads with precision – curing tips as well as finishing beads….

Cost: 60 € per person
Length of workshop: 5hours
Level: Advanced

What’s included: loan of tools,sand paper, peeler

What’s not included: Clay  at least 4 different colours and black & white

What you need to bring: pasta machine, basic tools (blades, boards etc.),

For more information and to reserve a place visit Corbières Créatives

Euro Clay Carnival France 2009

Come and learn from the very best!
Julie Picarello - Yellow House Designs. Come and learn from the very best!

Hello everyone – just a quick update on the progress of the Euro Clay Carnival scheduled to take place in France for the very first time.

The dates are 1 – 4 October 2009
Place: Luc-sur-Orbieu, Aude, France
Nearest airport: Carcassonne
Nearest train station: Narbonne or Lézignan Corbières

The workshops – 6 in total (2 per day of 4 hours duration)

Donna Kato
Kim Cavender
Julie Picarello
Carol Blackburn
Bettina Welker
Natalia Garcia de Leaniz

Price and more detailed information will be available very soon both on the EPCP forum and also from Lunes Bijoux

This proves to be a very exciting event and an ideal opportunity to combine a short break wine tasting, visiting the local area and meeting and learning from some first class polymer clay artists!

Teething & Chocolate Oranges!

Poor Manon Lily is cutting her top two front teeth in the heat of the summer….she wants cuddles but is too hot….oh growing up is so hard! At least the amber necklace she wears is providing a great deal of relief. That and a chilled teething ring, face cloth and melons!

I have been busy focusing on combining several techniques with my polymer clay and trying to produce quite small beads with big impact. I love the colour combination of chocolate brown and orange so was very pleased with the outsome of this design. The beads are doubled sided which means that even if they were to spin round the design is exactly the same.

Polymer Clay Chocolate Orange - 45 €

Polymer Clay – Gardener’s World

Whilst Andy seems preoccupied with the growth of his cucumbers, melons & courgettes not to mention the length and colour of my chillies I have been creating garden patterns with my clay! This was my first attempt at working towards a kaleidoscope and it proved far more challenging than I thought it would. The heat of the summer doesn’t help as I kept having to put the cane in the fridge before working it again. I like the overall pattern but reduced the cane too much and as a result distorted the kaleidescope beyond recognition!

I think I have a long way to go before I am producing patterns like this (try searching google images for more stunning patterns).

Egyptian Lovers – Polymer Clay Art

Egyptian Lovers – a unique creation in polymer clay using a variety of techniques and Prémo & Fimo clay. Each bead was buffed prior to mounting.

It’s all go at the studio in Luc-sur-Orbieu. I have loads of different projects on the go as well as a daughter who is eager to learn to walk and is climbing up anything she can get hold of! This is her showing off a couple of weeks ago!

Today is the deadline for proposal submissions for the Euro Clay Carnival in October 2009 in France. The committe has a very difficult task of choosing who will instruct. If you are not already a member of European Polymer Clay People then why not join us now – it’s free!

I am also in the midst of organising the 16th annual art exhibition in Luc-sur-Orbieu which will take place mid August. More information in due course!

And on top of all of this I am running my polymer clay workshops once a week, considering standing for a position on the NPCG board and trying out a new line of polymer clay art – ssshh a secret for the minute. I honestly think I am busier now than when I lived in the UK – and more happier, fulfilled, valued, stretched…. – OK I’ll stop now!