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Dius à Vol

My old Latin teacher would be quaking in his boots if he realised that I had been mixing up Latin with Occitane. Perhaps it’s a fine line linguistically which could be discussed over a glass of wine or two.

Dius à Vol is an Occitane phrase, (God willed) used by wine-growers to announce the end of the harvest and agricultural year. Back in the olden days, the winemakers organised a party and a dinner to thank the harvesters for their efforts. Nowadays, this tradition has been tweaked to represent an open weekend at wine domaines where the winemakers generously share their wine and “nibbles”. A convivial affair!

So if you are local and fancy joining in, ROQUE Sestière in Luc sur Orbieu is the place to be this weekend. And what’s more, you will also have the opportunity to see some of our wine barrel art furniture!

So Dius à Vol, see you there!

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Sit, stare, breath….

As another season draws to a close I can only reflect and be grateful for the time I have once again spent on one of my favourite beaches. No one can strip me of the memories this place holds for me. The comfort these dunes provide and the countless hours I have spent here. Their shape, their sounds and their smells are locked away until next time.

We all have a special place and this is mine.

Where is your special place?

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Lunes Bijoux Newsletter Printemps 2012

Pour fêter l’arrivée du Printemps

Lunes Bijoux vous offre un bon d’achat de 5€ valable sur

les créations & objets d’art de Lunes Bijoux

Valable uniquement à l’atelier Lunes Bijoux à Luc sur Orbieu du 22 mars au 30 avril 2012.Ce coupon doit être présenté

A vos agendas

Lunes Bijoux défile ses créations pendant le repas festif “La Nuit des Services”

au Palais des Congrès de Gruissan

Samedi 24 mars à partir de 18h

L’atelier sera fermé vendredi 30 mars l’après-midi uniquement.

Inspiration à Chypre…. Lunes Bijoux part se reposer.L’atelier sera fermé du mardi 3 au samedi 14 avrilAgenda Lunes Bijoux

Des nouveautés… Fifi, Bjangles & Splash!

Fifi en vente exclusivement à l’atelier Lunes Bijoux à Luc sur Orbieu

Pendentif polymère avec cordon nylon noir 12€

Bjanglesnouveau pour 2012 des joncs ronds ou carrés en laiton avec polymère
à vous de faire la combinaison / mélange seul, à deux, à trois, à …….. au choix!
Les tailles: sizes
67mm diamètre: standard
mini  4.7mm (largeur – hauteur / width – height) poids / weight 9gr
midi 6.3mm (largeur – hauteur / width – height) poids / weight 12gr
maxi  12.7mm  (largeur – hauteur / width – height) poids / weight 26grPrix: à partir de 10€ (l’unité)

Bjangles en vente E-boutique

Encore plus de photos Bjangles


Envie de couleur ce printemps / été 2012?
Voici la collection Splash!Polymère, encres, feuilles métallique argent, or, cuivre

Splash en vente à l’atelier Lunes Bijoux et E-Boutique

Encore plus de photos Splash!


Vous n’ avez pas en vie de sortir?

Faites vous plaisir sur internet.

E-boutique de Lunes Bijoux


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Vernissage des oeuvres d’art d’IB Créations chez Lunes Bijoux

Iwona Barbier et Kylee & Andy Milner vous invitent le dimanche 6 novembre de 11h à 16h à l’ouverture du nouvel espace d’art à l’atelier Lunes Bijoux à Luc sur Orbieu.

A cette occasion le Château Vieux Moulin de Montbrun des Corbières vous proposera de découvrir ses cuvées.
Marions Les Chocolats vous feront découvrir ses chocolats aux parfums surprenants !


Venez nombreux et nombreuses.


21 rue des Vignerons

11200 Luc sur Orbieu

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EXPATS in the Languedoc



A new photographic exhibition, called EXPATS PORTRAITS, showcasing the work of Tony Slaughter who moved to the region six years ago, opens at Le Clap art gallery in Paraza on 5 August 2011.


EXPATS PORTRAITS features 16 people, of varying nationalities, different ages and diverse backgrounds, all of whom have chosen the Languedoc as their new home. Apart from taking their photographs, Tony Slaughter interviewed each subject about their reasons for moving to the region.


Today, the Languedoc-Roussillon has become home to many thousands of men, women and children from every country in Europe – and beyond. Latest available figures show that the population of the Languedoc-Roussillon was 2.58 million at 1 January 2008. In the decade since 1999, the annual population growth of the region averaged 1.3 per cent – twice the average growth for the whole of France.


This virtual population “explosion” is due in no small measure to inward immigration from the rest of France but also from abroad. Stats show that four European countries account for almost three quarters of overseas property owners in the Languedoc. Germany comes top, closely followed by the UK, then Belgium and Switzerland.


But no matter what country they arrived from, each new resident from outside France – an “expat” – has a story to tell. Why? How? When?


Photo-journalist Tony Slaughter said: “I hope to be able to find a patron or sponsor who can help me publish a book with the photographs in this exhibition together with the interviews in full.


“I believe it would make a fascinating social document. And prove the point that every picture does tell a story.”


A number of other artists will also be showing their work at the exhibition at Le Clap art gallery which has the overall title VISAGES MOSAÏQUE. The exhibition opens at 18.30 on Friday 5 August, 2011, and runs until 4 September. The gallery is open between 15.00 and 19.00 Wednesday to Sunday and can be found beside the Canal du Midi, quite close to the Café du Port.



Contact: Tony Slaughter

04 68 49 11 69

06 72 08 44 06