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Dius à Vol

My old Latin teacher would be quaking in his boots if he realised that I had been mixing up Latin with Occitane. Perhaps it’s a fine line linguistically which could be discussed over a glass of wine or two.

Dius à Vol is an Occitane phrase, (God willed) used by wine-growers to announce the end of the harvest and agricultural year. Back in the olden days, the winemakers organised a party and a dinner to thank the harvesters for their efforts. Nowadays, this tradition has been tweaked to represent an open weekend at wine domaines where the winemakers generously share their wine and “nibbles”. A convivial affair!

So if you are local and fancy joining in, ROQUE Sestière in Luc sur Orbieu is the place to be this weekend. And what’s more, you will also have the opportunity to see some of our wine barrel art furniture!

So Dius à Vol, see you there!

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Lunes Bijoux expose à la Foire de Narbonne

La foire de Narbonne (28 April – 6 May 2012) is normally the place where you would buy a swimming pool, order your windows or even test drive a car. This year the Ateliers d’Art du Pays Cathare were invited to exhibit. 7 of the Atelier d’Art du Pays Cathare decided to take advantage of this offer.

The stand is located in Hall 4 and shows an extensive range of artisanat d’art savoir-faire. Boris Klein’s handmade knives, Verre et Bois and their glass top over a wine barrel. Marble art objects, ceramic / mosaic work, a re-upholsterer and obviously jewellery by myself and Bob Kimberley.

The Bjangles Collection as shown above are proving a great success!

And if you are tired of us…why not come along and savour the wonderful delights of the Pecheurs from Port la Nouvelle. Each day they offer their catch and a glass of wine – a wonderful lunchtime apéro for fish lovers!

See you there!

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Vernissage des oeuvres d’art d’IB Créations chez Lunes Bijoux

Iwona Barbier et Kylee & Andy Milner vous invitent le dimanche 6 novembre de 11h à 16h à l’ouverture du nouvel espace d’art à l’atelier Lunes Bijoux à Luc sur Orbieu.

A cette occasion le Château Vieux Moulin de Montbrun des Corbières vous proposera de découvrir ses cuvées.
Marions Les Chocolats vous feront découvrir ses chocolats aux parfums surprenants !


Venez nombreux et nombreuses.


21 rue des Vignerons

11200 Luc sur Orbieu

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Pâques dans les Corbières

Grand Moulin 16 avril, originally uploaded by Lunes Bijoux.

Samedi 16 avril

16h à 20h

Rendez-vous Au Château Grand Moulin à Lézignan Corbières

Avec Hélène Llacer – présentation d’aquarelles

Lunes Bijoux – créatrice de bijoux artisanaux

Marions les Chocolats – pour une gourmandise de l’ apéritif au dessert

Dégustation et vente des vins du Château autour d’un apéritif de 18h à 20h

Grand Moulin 16 avril

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Château Vieux Moulin – the perfect setting

It was all happening in Montbrun des Corbières this weekend at Château Vieux Moulin.

Alexandre & Laurence They hosted a wonderful afternoon and evening centred around the theme of Saint Valentine. Guests were invited to sample the delicious creations of Marions les Chocolats. Marion had worked with Alexandre to offer a sample of her chocolates and his wine,true harmony!
Montbrun05022011 (2)

The artist Iwona was also enticing guests with her stunning abstract paintings. Her work was a compliment to the elegant surroundings of the Domaine.

Montbrun05022011 (3)

And finally, myself – Lunes Bijoux with a new collection: Nénuphar…more to follow.

The event was a great success for all concerned and I sincerely hope it will be the first of many together!
Montbrun (9)