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Not enough hours in a day, week…. month

This morning sitting watching the sun rise over the Corbieres and hearing the tractors rumbling past on their way to harvest grapes, I suddenly realised I hadn’t looked at my blog for a while…. looking at the stats I don’t think anyone else has either but that’s another story!

I tried cutting corners earlier this year. I tried linking Instagram, Facebook  Twitter together so that all I had to do was post in one area and let a sharing app do the rest…. it didn’t really work!

So, where do I go from here? Well I am going to try and resurrect Bijoux & Bijoux, assuming I can find my audience again….. if you are out there and reading this it would be great to know….

Over the summer, Andy & I decided to focus on selling our designs in Sérignan. We closed the studio for 2 months and set up shop on 3 campsites.


It worked, it was fun, physical at times but great to meet new clients and dear friends along the way. This gave me time for reflection.

I have been at an artistic crossroads for a while.  Despite the fact that my polymer art is successful and sells well I no longer take pleasure in working in this medium. Throwing myself into working with recycled ties and launching the Crav’arte range has been a real tonic for me and I have plans to take this line further. However, I still felt there was something missing. Then I realised I needed to do a bit of a U turn and go back to something I worked on 12 years ago.

So here I am, in September launching a new jewellery range dedicated to gemstones but more specifically well being. My focus and take on this range will be completely different to 12 years ago. It will not consist of necklaces on display,  bracelets to try on and earrings to select. I have decided to make this range personal, intimate and just like each one of us individual. Based on a consultation, together, a range of stones will be selected to accompany the person on their current life path. The consultation can either be face to face or even via the Internet.  Some clients have chosen to have their cards read in order to ascertain a focus. I’m going to save that for another post!

I hope that my next post will follow quite quickly and won’t be as wordy as this one! In the meantime here is one of the first bespoke bracelets made to help a client on her current path. It features amethyst, quartz, citrine and carnelian. The beads were selected based on a tarot / oracle reading. Want to know more? Let me know!ACCQ 15-09-2017 15-17-47.jpg


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Invasion – in need of some protection

A few weeks ago I went through to Domaine de la Source near Fontfroide. I have blogged about this Domaine previously – see here. Both Norbert & Françoise are exceptionally knowledgeable in the field of gemstones (they make me feel like a real amateur) and the benefits of wearing & working with the stones.

This particular day Norbert was working with a range of stones and for some reason I was particularly drawn to a small rough looking black stone. My eyes wouldn’t leave the stone and no matter how hard I tried to focus on the other colourful beauties he had on his bench my eyes wouldn’t leave the Black Tourmaline. In the end I had to ask him what this stone represented and why I was feeling such a pull towards it.

The following site ( sums up this stone perfectly:

Black Tourmaline (Schorl)

Black tourmaline’s particular function is to repel negative energy. This can refer both to external energies or inner emotions, such as anger, resentment, or jealousy. It is a very good stone to carry when you’re experiencing any kind of stress.


As you can imagine I was quite shocked by this and moreover Norbert was very concerned that someone or something had it in for me…! I left the Domaine with a large chunk of rough tourmaline and was advised to place it where I saw fit. As I type the tourmaline is in front of me. For some reason I felt the need to place it in front of the computer!

After several weeks of contemplation and so on…I have been able to pin point several weak spots and as a result I returned to the Domaine for some added protection. After a long discussion I was advised to mix the black tourmaline with some quartz. This is how we came about the Tourmalinated Quartz beads .

The following site (

describes this stone perfectly:

Tourmalinated Quartz is made up of needles of black Tourmaline embedded in natural clear Quartz, thus bringing together the protective properties of Tourmaline with the amplifying properties of Quartz.

It is a powerful protective stone that is believed to have the ability to deflect negative thoughts and energies, protecting the wearer or carrier from being harmed by the negative energy of another.

Tourmalinated Quartz is also believed to turn negative energy into positive energy and is good stone for those who have a tendency towards self-sabotage.

In healing Tourmalinated Quartz is said to help with depression and nervous exhaustion.

So now I have the protection I am just at a bit of a quandary for what to do with the beads. I have made a very simple elasticated bracelet but I don’t feel that this is enough for them. So for the time being they are sitting waiting for some inspiration. Like with all of my jewellery I want something wearable & attractive – so I really need to get my thinking cap on here. The beads in themselves are quite nondescript which doesn’t really help. May be a tough one this project – especially since it’s for me!

Now if it was a piece like this I would have a field day!

The other week I mentioned that I read tarot – well as a result of me blogging here I am reading for a client next week!





Life in France · Tarot · Well Being

Polar Bears, Indians & Dragonflies

Having read a fantastic blog last week regarding Totem Animals it got me thinking about previous experiences I have had either with what I would call my Spirit Guides or with family who are no longer with us physically.

I wouldn’t say that I am an incredibly spiritual person but there are marked periods on an annual basis where I am far more aware of the spiritual life surrounding myself. I have bought a range of self-help books ranging from meeting & working with spirit guides, seeing & reading the aura, an angel a day and so on…. I was always “scared” of having my tarot cards read and refused to indulge in this until after my Dad had died. I suppose the fear was that the cards would reveal he would die – erm isn’t that life? At 38 I can answer that question a little bit better than 24.

Upon moving to France my path crossed with someone who gave me the confidence to explore life a little more. And so my understanding of Tarot began. I have two sets of cards. The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot , these cards are relatively familiar to people interested in tarot and offer a wide range of interpretations. I enjoy using them when reading for other people. The pictures are clear and stimulating.

My second set of cards are more personal and I have never used them in a reading for someone else simply because I feel they require far more thought, meditation and inner searching. The Vision Quest Tarot are a set of Native American Wisdom cards which are beautifully illustrated. When I was in hospital last year I found myself turning to these cards on a regular basis. They helped me to accept the situation I was in and draw a great deal of strength from it. The nurses were very curious as to the meanings of these cards, trying to convey their meaning in a language which is not my mother tongue was quite challenging.

So where do the Polar bears come into it? Several years ago I experienced a meditation session. When asked to focus on an animal the first one that came into my head was a Polar bear. I can’t say I like or dislike this animal but it is an animal which I believe is with me as a guide. This links in with the blog from last week “What is your totem animal” and especially this other website which explores each animal in turn. I was fascinated to read about the Polar bear and how as an animal totem it can help me to understand certain issues. Looking back I now know why the Polar bear was with me that day.

And then there is the dragonfly , to me she represents the fragility of life. I see them often battling against the Mistral / Tramontane winds and the heat of the summer sunshine. I am so drawn to this insect with it’s grace and beauty.