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From an Abbey to a Chateau and then back to the studio!

December is packed with exciting dates, new exhibitions and hopefully lots of clients!
Why not join in the fun?
To find out where we are & when see here

And if you can’t be here in person you can always buy on-line. Take your pick with Amazon Handmade or Etsy!

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Not enough hours in a day, week…. month

This morning sitting watching the sun rise over the Corbieres and hearing the tractors rumbling past on their way to harvest grapes, I suddenly realised I hadn’t looked at my blog for a while…. looking at the stats I don’t think anyone else has either but that’s another story!

I tried cutting corners earlier this year. I tried linking Instagram, Facebook  Twitter together so that all I had to do was post in one area and let a sharing app do the rest…. it didn’t really work!

So, where do I go from here? Well I am going to try and resurrect Bijoux & Bijoux, assuming I can find my audience again….. if you are out there and reading this it would be great to know….

Over the summer, Andy & I decided to focus on selling our designs in Sérignan. We closed the studio for 2 months and set up shop on 3 campsites.


It worked, it was fun, physical at times but great to meet new clients and dear friends along the way. This gave me time for reflection.

I have been at an artistic crossroads for a while.  Despite the fact that my polymer art is successful and sells well I no longer take pleasure in working in this medium. Throwing myself into working with recycled ties and launching the Crav’arte range has been a real tonic for me and I have plans to take this line further. However, I still felt there was something missing. Then I realised I needed to do a bit of a U turn and go back to something I worked on 12 years ago.

So here I am, in September launching a new jewellery range dedicated to gemstones but more specifically well being. My focus and take on this range will be completely different to 12 years ago. It will not consist of necklaces on display,  bracelets to try on and earrings to select. I have decided to make this range personal, intimate and just like each one of us individual. Based on a consultation, together, a range of stones will be selected to accompany the person on their current life path. The consultation can either be face to face or even via the Internet.  Some clients have chosen to have their cards read in order to ascertain a focus. I’m going to save that for another post!

I hope that my next post will follow quite quickly and won’t be as wordy as this one! In the meantime here is one of the first bespoke bracelets made to help a client on her current path. It features amethyst, quartz, citrine and carnelian. The beads were selected based on a tarot / oracle reading. Want to know more? Let me know!ACCQ 15-09-2017 15-17-47.jpg


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Stages – Ateliers de Pâte Polymère pour les jeunes

Lunes Art & Bijoux propose des nouveaux stages – ateliers de fabrication et création de bijoux et objets. Ces stages s’adressent aux jeunes de 6 à 12 ans.
Plusieurs dates sont déjà proposées surtout pendant les vacances scolaires. Si les dates ne vous conviennent pas n’hésitez pas à suggérer une date alternative.

Bijoux - Objets - Créations avec les jeunes
Bijoux – Objets – Créations avec les jeunes

Les détails:

“Coucou les jeunes”
2 – 3 heures – 18€
Tout Compris
Cet atelier est réservé aux jeunes en dessous de 12 ans. Atelier de pâte polymère – on s’amuse!
Fabrication de bracelet coeurs et perles ou
stylo et socle avec porte clés
Minimum de 4 personnes. Pensez à réserver  Un petit goûter sera prévu pendant le temps de cuisson.

Pour plus d’infos: “Corbières Créatives Ateliers Jeunes”

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Ateliers Pâte Polymère – Polymer Clay Workshops

Les ateliers de pâte polymère sont en cours pour l’hiver 2012 – 2013.

Ce samedi à l’atelier Lunes Art & Bijoux à Luc sur Orbieu le premier atelier est en plein préparation.

Terra Luna Ray 006

Samedi 29 décembre, 14h – 17h30

50€ – tout compris
Watercolour et perles creuses. Comment fabriquer des grosses perles creuses pour faire un sautoir.

Les ateliers sont en angais et en français.


Lunes Art & Bijoux is gearing up for a new range of workshops for winter 2012 – 2013. Please refer to the site for more information.

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Lunes Bijoux expose à la Foire de Narbonne

La foire de Narbonne (28 April – 6 May 2012) is normally the place where you would buy a swimming pool, order your windows or even test drive a car. This year the Ateliers d’Art du Pays Cathare were invited to exhibit. 7 of the Atelier d’Art du Pays Cathare decided to take advantage of this offer.

The stand is located in Hall 4 and shows an extensive range of artisanat d’art savoir-faire. Boris Klein’s handmade knives, Verre et Bois and their glass top over a wine barrel. Marble art objects, ceramic / mosaic work, a re-upholsterer and obviously jewellery by myself and Bob Kimberley.

The Bjangles Collection as shown above are proving a great success!

And if you are tired of us…why not come along and savour the wonderful delights of the Pecheurs from Port la Nouvelle. Each day they offer their catch and a glass of wine – a wonderful lunchtime apéro for fish lovers!

See you there!