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Corbières Créatives III

Well what can I say? It took over 14 months of planning and it’s all over! But it was FANTASTIC!

Four fantastic polymer clay artists! Judy Belcher, Louise Fischer Cozzi, Sandra McCaw and Tory Hughes! Four immense talents with diverse and challenging workshops.

Tory Hughes, Louise Fischer Cozzi, Judy Belcher, Sandra McCaw, Kylee Milner

So what next…..?

Corbières Créatives IV will be back in Spring 2013.

However, for 2012 I am planning to host “Corbières Créatives Specials” where a polymer tutor delivers 1 or 2 workshops over the course of a weekend… this space for more information!

Many thanks to all involved for making Corbières Créatives III what it was TRULY AMAZING!


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