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Polymer Clay – Call for Entries: Progress & Possibilities 2010

Calling all IPCA members! And if you are not a member why not take the opportnity to join us now!


Images – Minimum: 1 , Maximum: 3

Entry Fee (Progress and Possibilities 2010): $30.00

(per image over minimum): $

An on-line juried exhibition of the International Polymer Clay Association
Application deadline: April 16, 2010
Entry fee:$30 per artist (Nonrefundable entry fees cover the administrative costs of the competition and help to fund future projects and events.)
To encourage and acknowledge promise, innovation, and individuality in the work of individual polymer clay artists, at all stages of professional development, and to advance public awareness of and appreciation for the fine craft of polymer clay.
Progress & Possibilities is open to members of the International Polymer Clay Association eighteen years or older. To join IPCA, visit
All work must be at least half polymer clay (in surface area, not volume). It must have been completed after September 1, 2008, and not previously published (in print) or submitted to another exhibition or competition. The concept, design, and execution of the artwork must be solely that of the applicant.

Each applicant will submit an artist’s statement relating to the work submitted (approximately 200 words, or less than 1000 characters) and one digital image each of up to three pieces of work. Each image must include the artist’s name (jurors will not have access to artists’ names), the title of the piece, dimensions, year produced, and materials used.
Instructions on how to format images to CaFE™ specifications can be found at tips.phtml. Applicants must also retain a high-resolution image (300dpi or higher TIFF or jpg file) of each submission, to be used in print media.
Levels and Categories
Each artist must declare his or her level of professional development; however, the Progress & Possibilities Committee may reassign level before judging begins. Applicants will be notified of any such reassignment.

Levels are:
Beginner: An artist who has worked with polymer clay for less than five years, who has never entered any national or international competition, and whose interest in the medium is primarily as a hobby.
Intermediate: An artist who has worked with polymer clay for five years or more and/or is technically proficient in other crafts; who may have entered previous competitions, including Progress & Possibilities, but has not been a finalist in the most prestigious ones (e.g., the Niche Awards).

Professional: Those who earn a significant portion of their livelihood by teaching or writing about polymer clay and/or selling their work; artists at the top of their game who may have received major national or international awards.
Submissions will be accepted in three categories:
Art Jewelry: Wearable art such as necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings.
Functional Objects: Items that perform a function such as bowls, vessels, boxes, purses, etc.
Sculptural Objects: Decorative items such as dolls, figurines, abstract three-dimensional forms, wall art/mosaics, etc.

Each artist may submit work in any or all of the categories, but all of one artist’s entries must be submitted at the same level. If all your entries are in the same category, please upload your images and complete the entry process. To submit work in additional categories, upload the photo(s) for one category, complete the entry process, and then email for further instructions.
Members’ Choice
All submissions will be available for IPCA members to view on-line. Members will vote for their favorite pieces, and Members’ Choice winners will be announced at each of the nine categories/levels. See for details.

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