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Did I mention naked lovers & polymer clay?

Bijoux & Banter has been up & running for 17 months, so I thought I would have a look at some of the statistics available to see just what it is people like to read….and would you believe which posts fall into the top 10? I think it’s quite comical really that the naked beauty in the mirror should poll over 1000 viewings…..perhaps it’s the title words, categories or tags….obviously the word “lovers” proved popular but then could have spelt disappointment when finding out what the lovers was referring to! Anything Chakra, spiritual, tarot based also seems to draw the crowds…so does this mean I should change the context of my blog? Perhaps not – perhaps just ensure there is some form of nakedness in each posting! Dream on…….

All Time Top 10 Posts:                                        Viewings

  1. Mirror mirror on the wall 1,190
  2. Chakras 773
  3. Lunes Bijoux 759
  4. Polymer Clay Workshops at Lunes Bijoux 466
  5. Euro Clay Carnival France 2009 445
  6. Polar Bears, Indians & Dragonflies 416
  7. Livre d’Or 371
  8. Egyptian Lovers – Polymer Clay Art 315
  9. A polymer clay creation for Yo! 296
  10. Which would get your vote? 289

One thought on “Did I mention naked lovers & polymer clay?

  1. That’s cute Kylee! It’s funny which titles seem to get the most reads! Will need to check some of these out since I missed a few of them.

    It will be interesting to see if you do add a little nakedness to every post! Would add a little spice to the poly clay community! 🙂


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