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The confessions of a polymer clay junkie!

I wonder what your reader list says about you? I think mine is obvious – it’s a fact – I AM A POLYMER CLAY JUNKIE


Below is a list of all my daily google readers!


Desert Designs by Barbara

Dora’s Explorations

emmaandemma’s recent

Exploring the Art of Polymer Clay

Gera Scott Chandler- aMused Creations in Polymer Clay

Imagine Uncommon Things

JJ ColourArt

Libzoid Blog

Lindly’s Blog

Many Parts

Meagan Chaney Studios

Much of a muchness

Musings from the Moonroom

National Polymer Clay Guild Newsfeed

No damn blog Rename

Parole de pâte

Pokerchips… are new to me

Polka Dot Creations

Polymer Art Archive

Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy

Polymer Clay Bead Making with Cindy Lietz

Polymer Clay Beads

Polymer clay by SILASTONES

Polymer Clay Chameleon

Polymer Clay Daily

Polymer Clay Notes

Polymer Clay podcast and TV

Polymer ClayHouse

Polymeri Online – Iris Mishly Polymer Clay Blog

Raven’s Caw



Stonehouse Studio

Tejae’s Art

Wanda’s Designs

Weekend designer

Yellow House Designs

3 thoughts on “The confessions of a polymer clay junkie!

  1. I too am a polymer clay Junkie Kylee! You’re in my reader too, plus pretty much everyone one on your list! Picked up a few new ones to follow off your list, so thanks!

    I think the only way to get really good at a medium is to surround yourself with talented people and the internet sure is an easier way of doing that, than the old way!

    In the past it would have been impossible for me a Canadian to learn from you in France, and Iris in Israel and Dora in the US on a daily basis like I can.

    I think that is why the skill level in this medium is advancing so quickly. You can apprentice with just about anyone you want from just about anywhere in the world! What could be more exciting than that!


  2. Hi Kylee,

    Thanks for the shout-out (Musing from the Moonroom.) I appreciate it. I’ll be in Southern France this summer taking a workshop with Dayle Doroshow in Durfort. Can’t wait.


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