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Lunes Bijoux News [3.2009]

A new look !

Lunes Bijoux – has a new studio sign! Each letter is made from polymer clay using the techniques from th

e clay gun master class! A job well done even though we say so ourselves! It does make a big difference to the outside of the studio and looks great with the stone walls and iron work.

The website has also been totally transformed. Have a look for yourselves.

Un nouveau look !

Nous avons une nouvelle enseigne fabriquée par nous même de la pâte polymère. Ca change toute la façade de l’atelier.

Le site a aussi bien évolué – qu’en pensez-vous?

February in Ohio

I had an amazing time in Ohio in February! The International Polymer Clay Association is really serious about embracing the “international” polymer clay world and has some really exciting things planned for the future. It was wonderful to meet people who I have admired (drooled over even) for such a long time – Julie Picarello, Judy Belcher and Maggie Maggio but to name a few! And, at last I can say that I have seen for myself the wonderful decorative artwork of Cynthia Tinapple of Polymer Clay Daily. Her home is amazing. I was also blown away by Hollie Mion’s personal collection of polymer clay art – she has a priceless collection which any museum curator would want to get their hands on! My brief visit meant of course that I came back to France personally and professionally fulfilled, full of ideas and a big “To Do” list! I have been totally inspired by Julie Picarello of Yellow House Designs and as a result of her influence and creative talents I am now working on a new range of designs using the techniques of Mokume Gane. Julie will be in France in October to teach a workshop at the Euro Clay Carnival France – I just can’t wait to meet her again and take one of her classes at long last!

Février à Ohio

Je me suis vraiment régalée pendant mon séjour à Ohio. Enfin j’ai rencontré des artistes de la pâte polymère dont j’admire depuis des années. J’ai maintenant une liste des choses que je veux accomplir dans les semaines à venir.


The Domaine de Mingraut in Fontcouverte will soon be selling a range of my “Objets d’Art” – this is an exciting new phase for both myself and Véronique.

Le Domaine de Mingraut à Fontcouverte va bientôt vendre mes objets d’art. Je suis entrain de personnaliser une gamme pour leur Domaine.

With the Easter holidays around the corner I have several workshops already fully booked! If you are interested in taking part in one of the workshops have a look at Corbières Créatives for a list of workshops on offer. And it goes without saying that if there is something not on the list but it falls into my area of expertise then why not contact me……

Envie d’apprendre pendant les vacances scolaires de Paques? J’ai déjà quelques ateliers complets. Tous les stages sont affichés sur mon site Corbières Créatives

Wedding Bells – getting married? Celebrating something special? Lunes Bijoux provides a unique consultation service.

Un mariage ou un évènement? Lunes vous propose des créations sur mesure. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter.

And finally – the arrival of spring and temperatures in the early 20’s! Lunchtimes in the sun, barbecues, & rosé and with all of these Mediterranean influences and my visit to America, it should come as no surprise that I have some new exciting colours, designs and “objets d’art” waiting to be unveiled!

Et finalement avec l’arrivée des beaux jours et depuis ma visite aux Etats-Unis je vais bientôt dévoiler une nouvelle gamme “Savanne”…… des bijoux qui font vraiment tourner les têtes!

Agenda – Dates – events, classes, exhibitions…. – events, classes, exhibitions….

Bijoux & Banter Blog – the ramblings of a linguistic créatrice…..

Boutique Galerie – the latest designs….les nouvelles creations….

Créations qui font tourner les têtes!

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