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Diane over at Much of a Muchness must be bored with the summer sunshine! She has tagged me to reveal four things…so here we go!

Four jobs I have had

Worked in a sandwich bar near Wakefield Market (Saturday job)

Waitress (Golden Cock, Farnley Tyas & Three Acres, Shelley)

French Teacher (Hatfield High School, Doncaster)

Head of Modern Languages (Vermuyden School, Goole)

Four movies i could watch over & over

7 Brides for 7 Brothers

Pretty Woman

Inn of 6th Happiness

Un indien dans la ville

Four tv shows I love


Hells Kitchen

The F Word

Dragons Den

Four places I’ve vacationed


St Lucia



Four of my favourite dishes

Oyster kilpatrick


Steak (cooked by hubby)

Parillada de poissons

Four blogs I visit every day (Google Reader!)

Polymer Clay Daily

Daily Art Muse

No damn blog

French word a day

Four people I’m passing this on to





3 thoughts on “Quatre

  1. Thanks for doing this! You have some great answers – love your food choices and your vacation places 🙂

    Your new profile pic is great – you look all sunkissed! If I am brown it’s probably rust 😦


  2. Thanks for passing this on – sorry I’ve been a bit on the quiet side on here. We’ve been on holiday the last couple of weeks and currently I’m in the Périgord.

    Hope you are well. 🙂


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