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Teething & Chocolate Oranges!

Poor Manon Lily is cutting her top two front teeth in the heat of the summer….she wants cuddles but is too hot….oh growing up is so hard! At least the amber necklace she wears is providing a great deal of relief. That and a chilled teething ring, face cloth and melons!

I have been busy focusing on combining several techniques with my polymer clay and trying to produce quite small beads with big impact. I love the colour combination of chocolate brown and orange so was very pleased with the outsome of this design. The beads are doubled sided which means that even if they were to spin round the design is exactly the same.

Polymer Clay Chocolate Orange - 45 €

One thought on “Teething & Chocolate Oranges!

  1. Aha, I thought you were still away.

    This reminds me so much of bell bottoms in striped fabric, circa 1970, with belts. I very much like the new combinations.

    And of course it reminds me of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange which is good at any time of the year!


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