Luc Sur Orbieu, Aude · Lunes Atelier · Polymer Clay

Feeling Funki!

May I introduce Funki – a new design based on greens & fushia. I have combined several effects here cane work, marbling, skinner blends and have mixed my own colors from two main Fimo soft ones. Once cured they were wet n dry sanded and then varnished. I use a Spanish Ceramic varnish.

The two photos below are the same necklace hung in different ways. There is no clasp so it can be worn anyway – Funki or what? And what’s more totally unique!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Funki!

  1. Fuchsia and green, yummy! I love these colours together and believe I made some marbled doughnut-type beads in the combination once for a drawstring.

    Very nice, I feel like buying yardage of fuchsia fabric now.


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