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What’s your colour?


You give your love and friendship unconditionally. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at!

Well I would have never said I was blue – but having just taken this quiz apparently I am! I suppose when I read what it says about me I must admit it does fit. Why not take the quiz and then let me know what colour you are.

Speaking of colours – I completely sold out of all my bright stunning colours at Fontfroide – so last week the oven was on and this is what I came up with:

All three sets of “beads” are currently waiting for Andy’s magical finishing touch. The pink & greens have already been drilled & varnished however the oranges & blues need drilling and buffing rather than varnishing. Each set will become a necklace but the exact design of each one is still undecided.

Have you noticed the Lunes logo in the purple / blues? Each design carries the little moon.

I spent most of yesterday updating my Lunes Bijoux website with the three new colours. I’m happy with the layout and have tried to put the emphasis more on me as a Polymer artist than a general fantasy jewellery designer. Any comments?

With regards to the Euro Clay Carnival in France October 2009 – we are now at the teacher selection stage – the proposals I have already seen are stunning! It should prove to be a magical event.

I am inspired on a daily basis by the wealth of information available on the web regarding polymer clay & artists. Blogs, websites and so on are endless. Lindly Haunani is a Polymer Clay Artist who has an excellent blog Her blog header alone catches the real essence of the power of colour in art. Have a look – you’re sure to be inspired!

3 thoughts on “What’s your colour?

  1. I think I drove past the end of your road last week – well, almost! We were on the motorway to Perpignan and thence to Barcelona. I so wanted to visit Carcassonne (passing through your town I think) but we didn’t have time as we had to get to the hotel we had booked in Port de la Selva in Spain. Another time…

    I am green by the way – actually my least favourite colour! I’m more of a red/fuschia/orange girl I thought – love those orange beads!


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! Also, which brand of clay are you using? Your creations have such vibrant colors and I’d love to have them for my dishes. =D


  3. Stickerbuddy – I use fimo & premo and make my on colour blends from these basic blocks. Please leave your website link so that others may see your dishes etc, Kylee


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