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Un clin d’oeil de mon atelier- Tagging time!

Libzoid Blog owned by Libby Mills featured a series of studio snapshots  a couple of week’s ago and I thought it was great.

As a result of the original author (Libby Mills) complaining about this post, I have had to amend it. I am sorry for any offense caused. Obviously it was a total misunderstanding and as an artist I would never “STEAL” someone’s work.

Artist Kylee Milner

Business: Lunes Bijoux

Website: Lunes Bijoux

Is there any area purposely made for your creations? Yes, it’s wonderful. I started off in a very small bedroom and have gradually expanded to a professional workspace.

Where can it be found? At the front of our house – the studio is open to the public so needs to be easily accessible.

What size is the space you work in? Having knocked down a large wall and taken the bathroom out it is now a relatively large space.

What medium(s) do you work in? polymer clay, gemstones, glass…

How would you describe your studio? Welcoming

What do you think is the best feature of your studio? Good lighting and now spacious!

What would you change if you could? The use of the upstairs part of the studio which is just a storage area. I would like to have this area as my teaching room but then the stairs could be a problem for some people therefore limiting classes etc.,

Can you share an organisational tip? Deal with something straight away if possible. Don’t just put beads to one side when you have finsihed with them thinking you’ll move them later because you won’t! Do it straight away. This way they don’t end up on the floor!

Describe the usual state of your work table? Tidy – I can’t work went it’s in a mess!

(My new space)

Does your work table face out into the room or toward the wall? Towards the wall – my old space used to face out into the room and I hated it when things would roll off onto the floor!

(My old space)

What’s one drawback of your studio/artistic space? Limited wall display space in the Bead Shop section.

Do you listen to music in your studio? Yes, anything & everything depending upon my mood, creations in progress and clients in at the time!

Whose studio space would you like to read about? I would like to tag the following artists to reveal their studio spaces….

Judith of JJ Colour Art

Diane of Much of a muchness

Luny of Polymer ClayHouse

Over to you…..!

Many thanks to Libby for the idea & questions!

8 thoughts on “Un clin d’oeil de mon atelier- Tagging time!

  1. Well Kylee that was really interesting and you inspired me to put something up for my own space.

    As you know by now, I am into a serious reorganization of books and fabric so the pictures I’ve posted are older ones, but you get the idea.

    So fun to see where other artists work!


  2. Diane – have you finished yet? Or did the dinner date get in the way…perhaps a photo of Mr Darcy will satisfy !?

    Judith – thanks for sharing – a woman of many many talents.


  3. what a nice clean space you have…. mine is always a mess, I find things easier when they are messy…… when I tidy up, I forget where I put things! LOL!!

    Just wanted to pop in and say “hi”


  4. Hey Kylee,

    just a short remark, the owner of Libzoid Blog is Libby Mills:) I got to meet her at Synergy – she’s such a kind girl and a great pc artist.



  5. Thanks Bettina for this. There seems to have been a big misunderstanding here on Libby / Trina and so on. I hope no offense was caused as non was intended!


  6. Kylee, thank you for making the changes. I just wish we could have cleared this up before now and without hard feelings. The idea you had of a blog tag about artists’ creative spaces is a fun one, I just prefer that you not use my “Studio Snapshot” title and the interview questions I had written. Thank you for understanding.


  7. The pc community used to be a warm and sharing place…unfortunately, in the last few months, it seems to have evolved into a overly-sensitive, “it’s mine,not yours” boxing rink.


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