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Feeling blue with polymer clay

I thought I would share a couple of new creations with you. I have been working on my Mokume Gane technique and also combining fimo clay with the premo! range. The premo! clay is far easier to condition although I find I then have to put it in the freezer to avoid it from distorting if I am making canes.

I have mixed my own shades of blues to use in these two very different yet equally striking designs. They are all available for sale.

Mokume Bleus Range

Necklace & Earrings (sterling silver) 55€

Ring (adjustable size) 20 €

Seeing Blue Range

Choker & Pendant + Earrings (sterling silver) 50 €

Ring (adjustable size) 20 €

Each style is also available in any colour mix!

3 thoughts on “Feeling blue with polymer clay

  1. beautiful light colours. I love Blue! …except for the blue feeling most of us are left with these days….too soft premo! I wish the manufacturer would listen to those concerns. I, like many others, feel it is wasteful to use perfectly good paper in order to leach premo of some of the plasticizer. Too soft clay sticks to pasta machine rollers on small settings and rollers need to be cleaned inbetween those smaller settings. The Freezer is a good idea for caning and mokume though.


  2. Gorgeous colours – especially the pale blue. Good luck with your Mokume Gane technique….whooosh! That was the sound of that sentence flying straight over my head!


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