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Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom!

“Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom” I have no idea who Bayle Roche is but I feel this quote sums up the whole experience.

Well I am back from Mirepoix and what a total disappointment. Very poor organisation, no thought to advertising and promoting the whole concept of “Parure & Parade”. I was so disappointed that I refused to submit a piece for the voting……I had a suspicion that it was all a set-up. The best thing about it all was the wonderful meal we had for lunch on the Thursday and my next door neighbour “Sylvie” who lent me her sun hat!

My stand ready for inspection.

The piece I was going to submit but withdrew from the voting rigmarole

So now my attention turns to running classes, re-stocking and preparing for my next “outdoor” event which I know will be far more professionally organised!

3 thoughts on “Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom!

  1. Oh Kylee I am disappointed for you, I’ve been waiting with anticipation to see how it went and what your finished item looked like.

    Your work in polymer clay is very, very different than conventional polymer jewellery so maybe it’s just as well you didn’t submit it if you think the judging was suspect.

    I feel you should submit pictures of your work to a magazine like Bead & Button in the States. I never see anything like your work, and I bet others would appreciate the inspiration and the chance to see an artist who thinks for herself in design.

    The table looks great!


  2. Oh thanks Judith for your wonderful comments and support. I was really disappointed with the entire event. Having said that there were a few stunning artists there that I felt were not profiled high enough. One guy was making jewellery from whittled wood – it was sheer beauty!


  3. What a shame! Your stand looks fantastic and you have obviously put a great deal of work into it. Still, now it’s over you can concentrate on other things – upwards and onwards and all that!

    PS I’d have awarded your work first prize….


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