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Which would get your vote?

I am still working towards submitting a piece for the event at Mirepoix next week (see post Polymer or semi-precious gemstones a real dilemma).

I have finished working on my gemstone range (or so I think I have) so that now I can turn my attention towards claying for a week.

However, supposing I was only exhibiting gemstones…which one of the following below would get your vote? I really appreciate your honest opinions / views.

1. Agate “Hidden Zebra”

2. Agate “Snakeskin delight”

3. Chalcedony “Quand neigera t-il?”

4. Obsidian “Maho mamma”

5 thoughts on “Which would get your vote?

  1. Hiya Kylee,

    Hope you are well. Long time, no speak. I bet Manon Lily is growing fast – where has the last year gone?

    Love your pieces for the comp. I think No. 3 gets my vote, it’s an ideal show piece. Good Luck with the competition.

    Alison x


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