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Jasper – what a gem!

I love Jasper it comes in so many different shades ranging from the warmth and earthy feel of red jasper right through to the mustards and pale yellows of Mookite (Australian Jasper).

Jasper is said to be both a healing stone and an invigorating one. It brings stillness to a troubled mind. It is a grounding stone and is used in the base chakra of our sexual energies. Jasper is also the birthstone for Aries.

I have just been reviewing my Jasper creations past & present and thougth I would share them with you.

Mookite / Australian Jasper

Various Jasper

Picture Jasper Silver leaf Jasper

3 thoughts on “Jasper – what a gem!

  1. I always thought Jasper was black – just shows what I know….
    I love that multi-coloured one (4th one) very striking 🙂

    I like this theme too. I think the light background shows off the jewellery better – and is ‘lighter’ in tone. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the feedback Judith & Diane.

    Judith, what can’t you keep up with? If something wasn’t on the burner life would be tasteless!

    Diane – I was getting depressed with the dark colours (I knew they wouldn’t last long!) I like this light feel too. I just which I could tweak it a little more….. Jasper is such a mysterious stone due to it’s diverse colour range. I personally prefer to mookite colours.


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