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Polymer or semi-precious gemstones? A real dilemma!

I have had my thinking cap on for the past week or so as I have decided to participate in a 4 day jewellery event in Mirepoix, France. Mirepoix is in the Ariège and attracts thousands of visitors every year to it’s 13th Century Medieval town. The event being organised is called “Parures & Parades”

Now my dilemma is this……I am able to submit a piece of jewellery to a “public vote” which offers a first prize of 500 € then 250 € and finally a third prize of 100 €… what should I focus on semi-precious gemstones or polymer clay? I am split 50:50 as I believe that the gemstones offer a certain amount of class and exquisiteness but do not provide me with the “ownership” that polymer clay does. Any thoughts?

Last weekend’s Rencontre de l’art & des Saveurs was a huge success, exhibitors were happy, the public was impressed with the choice and all the food at lunchtime from the BBQ proved a total sell out. The Midi-Libre has today published a report on the event and I am thrilled at not only the right up but the profile for Luc Sur Orbieu!

Here is the article:

It always makes me smile when I think of buying gifts in France as the French automatically expect to be offered a courtesy “papier cadeau”. I have perfected the art of gift wrapping purchases and now take great pride in offering this service. It does take a certain degree of time & skill though as featured here in the film Love Actually! I always ensure however to get their money first so I can guarantee the sale! Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt?

9 thoughts on “Polymer or semi-precious gemstones? A real dilemma!

  1. Judith, you have given me a lot to think of here as the two are so distinct….mmm I like the idea and it would help me feel as though I have real ownership to the gemstones too.


  2. So glad your ‘Rencontre’ was a huge success, you deserve it!

    As for your dilemma, I thought you were best known for your Polymer Clay creations – are you going to go with what you do best or try something new?

    As for gift wrapping, I’m investigating how to present my books when they are sold as it does present ‘added value’ and sets a standard, I suppose…


  3. Actually Diane the polymer clay work is quite new….I was originally known for my beads & gemstones…..hence the dilemma! I have been in the studio this afternoon having a go at some twirls in polymer clay really delicate but with a great colour mix.


  4. I would go with polymer clay over gemstones, if for no other reason than it sets you apart. It’s still a relatively rare material. If you can do something spectacular with it, you should 🙂


  5. Lisa I couldn’t agree more BUT I see more and more polymer clay jewellery in the local craft markets and some of it is done really good whilst others have poor quality and very low prices. It often gives polymer a bad name!
    I just can’t help feeling that semi-precious designs have a more “prestigious” appeal (did I really just say that!?).

    Perhaps I should put my two designs forward to you guys and let you choose….


  6. Ooooh I’d love to see both of your designs. Of course I am leaning towards polymer clay with gemstones instead of gemstones only, because of my love of polymer clay.

    You are right about the perception of polymer clay not always being high end, but I think it is up to the artists such as you to change that perception by making sure people see your beautiful work. If all they ever see is the crappy stuff out there then that is what they will think all polymer clay is like.


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