What are you doing this Sunday?

This Sunday (6 April) is my first organised event as Art & Culture President. We have 30 exhibitors in total. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that we have by far exceeded our desired number (18)!

Here is the list with website information where possible:

Alarcon Nathalie Mosaïques http://www.e-monsite.com/talymosaique/
Amiel Jean-Claude Tableaux peinture
Barrot Claudine Tableaux patchwork
Boillot Corinne Livres pour enfants personnalisés http://www.croq-aventure.com/
Bourgade Marie-Claude Tableaux
Cassina Marc Tournage sur Bois www.marcotourdubois.com
Céline Potière
Chene Cathy Ferronnerie, pyrogravure, cartes 3d
Cornut Monique Peinture sur verre
Da Silva Rosa Arts Plastiques
Depland Francine Arts Plastiques
Fabre Louis Vins http://www.vignoble-louis-fabre.com
Gaxieu Guy Peinture
Lunes Bijoux http://www.lunes.moonfruit.com
M Bedora Tableaux peinture
Malric René Miel
Marie Noelle Cartes postales artisanales http://www.noiacart.2f.fr/
Million Bernard Confit & Sirop de Rose
Mme Beltran Paniers savonnettes
Mme Janot Tableaux peinture
Nina Ecole de dessin
Pages Guy Escargots / Huile d’olive / Olives
Pierret Ghislaine Arts Plastiques
Puig Marion Gravure sur verre
Reix Marie-Laure Confitures, condiments, chutneys
Tichene Chantal Peinture
Toulouze Colette Poupées chiffon
Trille Alain & Nadine Vins
Trilles Catherine Objets déco / encadrements http://ateliercarton.midiblogs.com/
Villa Elaine Plantes

With the quality of exhibitors attending it should prove to be a successful event! And with free samples, a bbq at lunchtime and a Vin d’honneur stomachs won’t go empty!

Fingers crossed anyway!

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