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Mojo found – call off the search!

Has anyone noticed that I have been away? The spammers did and it took me over an hour to wade through the 360 messages upon my return. Haven’t they got anything better to do? And then there was all the new posts which I subscribe to which needed reading. Thank goodness my Google Reader had stored them all for easy reading.

Our daughter has at long last met her great grandmother and great great uncle. We spent Easter in England with our family. A good time was had but it does feel really good to be back home. Manon Lily had her first taste of Yorkshire puddings with beef & onion gravy. My Mum had bought in some baby food jars and had chosen the Hipp organic range, I was most impressed with the quality of the food and Manon truly devoured the entire range! Seeing her munch on quite large pieces has now given me the confidence to start feeding her what we eat! Ribs and wings for dinner tonight are proving slightly tricky though!

I have spent the day with my apron on designing and I am on a high….. my mojo returned of it’s own accord and I am thrilled. I have been working with purples and greens. Having watched “A cook’s tour of Spain” on Channel 4 last night I was amazed at the colours of fresh saffron and as a consequence decided to let these vivid colours influence my latest range and at long last I have got my head back around my “puddle” design which I made using the Japanese Mokume Gane technique. Having managed to do a flying visit to my UK based jewellery wholesaler I have some stunning new forms to work with. At last I have some stunning silver ring bases and cuffs all I need now is enough time to design.

The oven has just pinged so I have been to have a peep at the new “beads”. They have all cured perfectly and the colours of my “saffron inspiration” are as vivid as I’d hoped for.

Now it’s over to Andy for buffing, varnishing & drilling! Before I get to put the final twist on the design. Watch this space for the finished pieces!

6 thoughts on “Mojo found – call off the search!

  1. Oooh… I don’t get as much spam as that on my blog, but what I do get seems so bloody pointless that it’s annoying having to delete it all.

    Nice to hear Manon Lily is eating des morceaux now – Rémy seems to be fine with that too. Even made Yorkshire pudding with veg and Isa pureed it for him to eat. Still had pieces of meat in it which didn’t bother him in the slightest.
    He is becoming champion of the Farleys Rusk now too – can get a bit messy. LOL

    Hope you had a nice trip back to the old country – we’re planning on going over next Christmas. This Summer it’s going to be a couple of days in the Périgord and then the rest of the time in Hérault.


  2. Hello Kylee,
    Spammers seem to have a field day don’t they! My PC Security blog had over 15,000 in its first year, so I guess they have nothing better to do. Just glad I have akismet keeping an eye on it LOL.
    My daughter loved Sunday roast, I used to liquidise for her at first and she would just pig out….literally 😀
    Frsh saffron has an amazing colour and is so versatile too and it shows on your ‘beads’. Wonderful to look at.
    Have a great week my dear friend,
    Take care,
    Colin from Life


  3. Kylee I love your jewellery, I want to see more images, perhaps I shall have to come to France!
    Do you know a polymer clay artist called Linda Peterson? She is in the USA and does some lovely work too. Check her out from links on my blog.


  4. You’re back! I thought it was something we had said 😀

    Your beads are luscious – I expect you are mad busy getting ready for this weekend. So sorry I couldn’t make it too. It occurred to me that I would have had to sell shed loads of books to cover the travel costs and so I shall just have to content myself with my Sylvie Guillem weekend. Can’t wait.

    Hope you have a great time 🙂


  5. Thanks for the feedback Kim from someone as talented and famous as you I’m honoured! (Can I get up off my knees yet?)
    If you want some bracelet blanks let me know and I will see what I can do…..


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