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Can crystal bowls sing?

Have you ever heard bowls sing? I have. It’s stunning, haunting, moving & spiritual all in one. My good friends Norbert and his wife Françoise of Domaine de la Source have organised a concert for you to experience the phenomena for yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Can crystal bowls sing?

  1. Hello Kylee,
    I hope that you had a good weekend.
    Musical bowls produce some wonderully haunting sounds don’t they, it really is quite amazing to listen to it. Peace and tranquility, it works for me 🙂
    I have a tag for you HERE
    It’s an easy one though and participation is your choice.
    Have a great day and hope you will join in 🙂
    Colin from Life


  2. I don’t know, I go away on holiday for a week and when I get back, it’s all change!

    I like this theme very much. My mate Paul over at uses it too.

    I keep trying out new ones but I want to keep my header and I can’t find one that does everything my current one does….. 🙂


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