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It’s all in a name

I remember before our daughter was born we had long discussions about what she should be called. We knew we were having a girl so at least our choice was made slightly easier. I seemed to have a longer list for girls than for boys so that was a good start.

Then our next dilemma was how to pronounce her name, being English living in France meant that any name had to be chosen from a French pronounced point of view. But then try telling the English (Yorkshire) family that the names on our short list would be a mouthful for them Océane, Aurore, Maya to name but a few. So when we came up with Manon Lily we thought it was the perfect combination.

Then there is the business name Lunes Bijoux, this name stems from living in the UK and exhibiting my jewellery on the UK craft circuit (that’s a story in itself). I wanted a name which would make me stand out from the rest of the exhibitors. When we moved to France and registered the business it was only natural to keep the English name “Lunes Bijoux”.

And then there is this blog which has seen more face lifts than I have had handbags. I knew that whatever name I chose it would need to have an image to go with it. So I began searching my stock of photos for inspiration. And this is where I came across my two colourful characters from the Venice Carnivale. I feel that these two really do represent the idea of Bijoux & Banter.

Now the only problem was finding a blog image which suited my blog and for this I have been going round in circles. At one stage the theme I was using allowed for a customizable header but the header size was too small to fit my Bijoux & Banter characters, this is where my parrots came in……

However, at long last I feel that Bijoux & Banter has found it’s identity and I like the look and feel of this theme. It’s wide enough to allow for clear blogs and I like the widget column too…..whether it will remain only time will tell. But for the moment, I think I’ll wear it!

One thought on “It’s all in a name

  1. Well our “son” was called Juliette until we had the last ecographie – then we realised “she” had testicules. So “he” quickly became Rémy. In fact the idea was that Juliette was easy to pronouce in both English and French. But it seems that Rémy poses a few problems for English tongues. We often get emails, letters and greetings cards from our English friends in the UK with Rémy written as “Reme”.

    Why Rémy…? Well a long time ago we’d always said that if we ever had children (we’re a bit late at that game) and that if we had a boy, we’d call him Rémy. In fact his full name is Rémy Victor Michel – so a right mix there. And as we aren’t married he has my surname.


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