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Men, photography & tables

I just have to share this photo with you. It was sent to me by a friend of mine. Apparently this wonderful table is for sale. Nothing surprising or new there… why am I sharing it with you?

Well I have a little question for you….How do you know that this table is being sold by and was photographed by a man? 

I await your comments….

9 thoughts on “Men, photography & tables

  1. I know it’s being sold because the small camera logo they use on eBay is in the lower left hand corner.

    I know a man took the picture because he left all that wire on the chair in back and got the drinks cart into the picture!

    It’s a guy thing for sure!


  2. I guess the mirror is telling us the truth.

    Morale of picture:
    Get dress before you grab your camera and snap!

    Kuang! Kuang! Kuang!…..

    This is kewl.. thanks for sharing.. it sure does make me smile….


  3. Hey Judith, I never saw the wire on the chair! And if you raise your eyes above the drinks cart…..
    Vivalova – you got it in one!

    It gave me a chuckle too!


  4. Holy smoke, I completely missed it. I just showed my husband and he missed it too.

    Not really the sort of thing one expects in a photograph of the dining room. And he actually had this photo up on eBay?

    Well, he might get some offers but I doubt they’ll be for the table. . . . . .hahaha.


  5. Hi Lunes,
    I believe they call this hilarious behavior ‘Reflecto Porn’
    I have a feeling he’ll be listing some more visual bargains on ebay soon & apparently, he’s not the only one 😉

    Hehehe ha!
    Your spoon savvy bloggin buddy


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