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Face Lift

Yes, I know that I change the layout as often as my handbags…..but I still haven’t found the right “look” for Bijoux & Banter. I like to fiddle as well – who doesn’t? I have just escaped from the almost ready studio. I have spent all day sorting hundreds if not thousands of beads and still have greens, greys, blacks & all my multi mixes to do!

In the meantime – sit back & have a listen to this group, the song title just happens to be called “The Glass Bead Game!

OK – I’m off to sort some more beads!

5 thoughts on “Face Lift

  1. I like it. I found the last layout has so many things on both the right and left sides that it was hard to read. In this one the focus stays on your posts which is nice–makes them easier to read.


  2. Thanks Roberta & Judith for your feedback. I ditched the 3 column design as like you Judith I found that there was too much to look at. I like this – just a shame there is no personalized header for my parrots!


  3. Sorry but just had to give this one a go as I have always loved the black theme…not sure which I prefer but at last I have narrowed the search down. My Bijoux & Banter parrots have been replaced with my original picture behind Bijoux & Banter from Venice.


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