Life in France

If there were more hours in the day…..

I have come in from the wonderful February sunshine to have my afternoon espresso, a read of your blogs and a quick catch up in general. And then I got thinking……if there were more hours in the day what would you do with those additional hours?

I never seem to get everything done anyway and that’s with the studio closed at the moment!

So I challenge you to consider what you would do with 2 extra hours?!

I would

1. Sort out the wardrobe as Manon Lily has out grown so many clothes they need sorting and passing on.

2. Study my tarot cards and understand the power of reversed cards! 

3.Then I would have a long hot bath with my reading book! 


4 thoughts on “If there were more hours in the day…..

  1. I can think of so many beautiful things that I would like to do with those two extra hours, but being a realist I’m pretty certain that they would be frittered away just like the current quota. 🙂


  2. I would just end up doing more of the same – I sometimes end up staying up until 2am just because I get caught up watching a film or reading my book – things I feel I ought to do when the light is not good enough for anything else! I started watching the Godfather at midnight a couple of nights ago. Madness. I fell asleep at 2am and it was still going on….


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