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What’s cooking?

We have friends coming for dinner tonight. Manon Lily’s “guardians” from Domaine de Meilhac and a wonderful ceramiste & her partner from Gruissan Plage. The culinary thinking cap has been on for a while. I only have to cook two courses as Céline has offered a dessert.

So I have decided to make a cream of cauliflower soup with crisp fried mushrooms & garlic croutons followed by my own version of Chicken Tagine. I tend to make things up as I go along and then sit down afterwards and think wow that tasted wonderful so why didn’t I write it down….so this afternoon as the pinny comes out I will make an attempt to:

1) write it down

2) take some photos (although I may feel a bit daft taking pictures when our guests are here)

Over the last few weeks I have been contemplating blogging my cooking as I do think it’s good and Andy always says I can stay another night! So perhaps this is the start of a savoury chapter to these ramblings.

We have sunshine here – it’s wonderful clear blue skies….my sister texted to say it was snowing so here is a photo of the snow from two years ago when they said it would never snow in Luc Sur Orbieu – how wrong they were!

3 thoughts on “What’s cooking?

  1. Susie – the soup was delicious, I had seconds! And even had some left over for lunch. I will add a recipe section to my blog. Keep your eyes peeled! I can’t take total credit for it though as it was a variation of Gordon Ramsays!


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