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Fancy a scrum?

There is something to be said for a rugby scrum? All those bottoms in the air and grunting! I just love it, well far more than football. I must admit during the rugby world cup I was really torn for who to support. France since I live here and I think Chabal is just a pure rugby hunk! England as I was born there? Or New Zealand because their Haka just sends tingles down my spine….

So now the season is starting again…not only do we have the 6 Nations kicking off tomorrow but we also have our Rugby à XIII in the form of the Catalan Dragons taking on some Northern England rugby teams. And where does that leave my loyalty? With the French guys of course!

Living in the Aude means that we have the choice of Rugby à XIII and XV, personally I prefer the XV but a scrum is a scrum! We are really spoilt for choice and the French are really passionate about their sport.

So vive les weekends with the English supporters cheering on their side and me cheering on mine!

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