Well Being

A raven came calling

Following on from my animal totems thread I had the pleasure of a raven accompanying me through part of a sleepless night last night. I was quite intrigued by this creature and obviously was unaware what he was trying to show me. Having studied several websites this morning (Animal Totem Raven, Cycle of Power) I have learnt that the Raven is a relatively complex character but above all stands for magic, healing & creation. I can understand the reason for him coming into my innermost fears, I just hope he now shows me a way to address them.

2 thoughts on “A raven came calling

  1. Raven, powerful medicine. Will be interesting to see where Raven takes you. They have such an iridescence about them. Thanks for letting us know about your most recent totem visit. 8)


  2. I’ve come to love the raven. We have many here in December. By now they’ve started to move elsewhere. Is there a trickster quality about them? I seem to associate them with one.


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