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Polar Bears, Indians & Dragonflies

Having read a fantastic blog last week regarding Totem Animals it got me thinking about previous experiences I have had either with what I would call my Spirit Guides or with family who are no longer with us physically.

I wouldn’t say that I am an incredibly spiritual person but there are marked periods on an annual basis where I am far more aware of the spiritual life surrounding myself. I have bought a range of self-help books ranging from meeting & working with spirit guides, seeing & reading the aura, an angel a day and so on…. I was always “scared” of having my tarot cards read and refused to indulge in this until after my Dad had died. I suppose the fear was that the cards would reveal he would die – erm isn’t that life? At 38 I can answer that question a little bit better than 24.

Upon moving to France my path crossed with someone who gave me the confidence to explore life a little more. And so my understanding of Tarot began. I have two sets of cards. The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot , these cards are relatively familiar to people interested in tarot and offer a wide range of interpretations. I enjoy using them when reading for other people. The pictures are clear and stimulating.

My second set of cards are more personal and I have never used them in a reading for someone else simply because I feel they require far more thought, meditation and inner searching. The Vision Quest Tarot are a set of Native American Wisdom cards which are beautifully illustrated. When I was in hospital last year I found myself turning to these cards on a regular basis. They helped me to accept the situation I was in and draw a great deal of strength from it. The nurses were very curious as to the meanings of these cards, trying to convey their meaning in a language which is not my mother tongue was quite challenging.

So where do the Polar bears come into it? Several years ago I experienced a meditation session. When asked to focus on an animal the first one that came into my head was a Polar bear. I can’t say I like or dislike this animal but it is an animal which I believe is with me as a guide. This links in with the blog from last week “What is your totem animal” and especially this other website which explores each animal in turn. I was fascinated to read about the Polar bear and how as an animal totem it can help me to understand certain issues. Looking back I now know why the Polar bear was with me that day.

And then there is the dragonfly , to me she represents the fragility of life. I see them often battling against the Mistral / Tramontane winds and the heat of the summer sunshine. I am so drawn to this insect with it’s grace and beauty.

7 thoughts on “Polar Bears, Indians & Dragonflies

  1. I read the descriptions for both Polar Bear and Bear. Powerful medicine! I find it fascinating that the image of the polar bear came to you as it did. And what’s even more interesting is that once you sat with that a while, you understood the message behind it. How cool.

    My blogging partner has written about these animal totems as guides or tools. There’s been a big bird hanging around here for days. Now we’re not sure if it’s a golden eagle or a huge certain kind of hawk. They look so similar in their markings. But all that to say, maybe I’m neglecting the message that this bird has in my life. Not that it’s my animal totem — I don’t think it is. But maybe its appearance has a message. I think I want to at least be open to that notion and figure out what I can learn from it.


  2. the 13th apartament – is there a specific question / focus you have in mind?

    ybonesy – thank you for your continued support. A big bird eh? That has now got me thinking…..have had a rough time recently not managing to shake a cold which has lingered for 5 weeks…perhaps there is a message for me somewhere…pigeons & magpies spring to mind….


  3. Thoughtful post. I can see how you would turn to these kinds of divinations when you were in the hospital. I used to pull the cards every day (this was about 10 years ago) and I have quite a few decks. Now I seem to only pull them out when I am reminded or having a difficult time. I think they are great tools, and one of many we can use to guide us along.

    I love Dragonfly. I don’t pull it much but, guess what, I just pulled it yesterday, reversed. I enjoyed her company for the day. She’s not a totem for me but sure offers a little guidance once in a while.

    Thanks for sharing your post. And for the shout out to our blog!


  4. Interested to read Polar Bears, Indians & Dragonflies (just cruising the net & found it) as I’ve just had a Polar bear appear to me in a lucid dream. It was dead then came to life & started chasing me. I have since read they are to do with rebirth & transformation. I also know from past spirit animal guide experiences that an ‘attack’ is not negative and can often be representative of & proportional to the awakening energy they are bringing to you. I actually had a medium tell me I had a Polar bear with me a week or so earlier and had completely forgotten about this until the dream.

    As for dragon flies, ever since one attached itself to my throat chakra in a lucid dream I have had interesting experiences with them. The 1st was when I was at a v. low point in my life and one settled on the table I was sat on. I know how difficult it is to get close to a dragonfly as they fly away as soon as you get within a certain distance (I tried catching them once with my daughter & it was impossible). I therefore mentally asked, ‘if this dragonfly is here to tell me something then let me touch it’. Sure enough the dragonfly actually let me touch it. A minute later, while still sitting at the table, the postman arrived with a rather strange book called the “Keys of Enoch” which I had ordered a few days earier. It really made me take the book seriously (I would probably have read only a few pages & grown tired of it if it had not been for the synchronicity of the dragonfly experience & the book’s arrival).

    Again, a couple of years later I was lying in the gardens of an english stately home having all sorts of doubts about whether I was on the ‘right spiritual path’ (again I’d gone through a bit of a rough patch). Suddenly I noticed above me five or six dragon flies flying almost directly above. Again I mentally asked a question which was something like ‘if I am on my true spiritual path then let one these dragonflies land on my finger’ (a ridiculous suggestion of course knowing how shy dragon flies can be). No sooner had I mentally voiced the question when one flew down and landed on my finger where it remained for a few seconds before flying off.

    As for Indians, I am currently seeking as much guidance & knowledge as I can about & from our ancient cultures (Native american, Kogi of Columbia, San Bushmen in africa, with the intention of developing a model/blueprint for a community which I plan to set up as soon as I am able. One of the doubts I have is the ideal location for such a place (it will be an eco-spiritual community inspired by many values preserved by these ancient cultures.) Actually had a dream about going to France to start up a new life/community so who knows?

    ps, Don’t forget the living world of nature used to be the everyday tarot for ancient shamans & clairvoyants. Before we started ravaging the natural world there was no need for the cards. Once I realised this more and more unusual & very profound nature experiences (supported by lucid dreams) have opened up a whole new world of guidance & meaning for me. What’s left of nature is crying out to communicate & co-create with us.


  5. Wow – thank you Lucas for your in depth and thought provoking comment. It is so gratifying to know that people actually take time to read what others write.
    My polar bear was with me on Friday evening – I had gone to see a homeopath and when she asked me to close my eyes there he was, I took it as a sign that all would be ok. Funnily enough I thought about him yesterday too when my daughter was having to have a blood test, I said to here that she could borrow him if she wanted someone to help her be brave. Don’t ask me why I thought of him at that point but I felt she needed a little extra support.
    As for proof….I have never really asked for any or put my guides to the test….perhaps I should one day.


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