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OK – if I must….

Following on from yesterday’s “tagging” session here are my 7 revelations…..

  1. I once got caught running down the road in my pyjamas having climbed out of the Girl Guide Cottage window in the middle of the night to run amok with some other Girl Guides! I was a good Brownie but a wicked Guide!
  2. When I was 15 I won Miss Camping and Miss Inter Camping Sérignan-Plage, the main prize was 2 weeks free holiday for all the family. I only entered because I fancied the lad who ran the ranch and I got to ride bare back in my swimming costume on one of his horses! He still runs the ranch now and we are still friends!
  3. When working at a wedding as a silver-service waitress I accidentally missed the granddad’s plate and his roast beef & gravy ended up in his lap…he didn’t notice so I served him another slice!
  4. A blind date in a pub once ended rather abruptly when he told me that he had come on his push-bike! I made a hasty exit!
  5. My Dad was a drummer for the Bee-Gees in Australia before they became famous.
  6. I read Tarot cards.
  7. Last year I spent 8 weeks in bed without once getting out of it- I became the potty queen of ward 4!

And there you have it! So now I can turn the tables on others….so I am going to tag the following people:

Roberta of Just me & my creations

Diane of Much of a Muchness

Kim of Imagine Uncommon Things

Come on you three it’s over to you to reveal 7 facts / revelations about yourself!

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