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Off roading at Gruissan-Plage

We have just spent a wonderful lazy Sunday afternoon at Gruissan Plage.

Gruissan is a real mix of old and new. It’s a wonderful sleepy village in the winter and a bustling tourist resort in the summer. On a winter’s day you struggle to find restaurants open; in summer you struggle to get a table!

The old part of Gruissan – Gruissan Village is a circular village with a 13th Century tower occupying the central position. Bastille Day firework celebrations are stunning from the tower showering out across the étang (lake). The sunsets over the lake with their matching flamingos are simply beauty at it’s best!

The beach part of Gruissan is for me divided into two distinct parts, the”sauvage” side (wild) where we went off-roading and the commercial side. The commercial side has row upon row of beach chalets, 1300 in all. I suppose there is a quaintness to them but not on a French scale! They date back to the beginning of the 19th century and even became famous during the filming of Betty Blue. And then there is Gruissan Port with over 1000 berths for boats, restaurants and bars and all the local tourist attractions.

Gruissan is an ideal holiday base, it has so much to offer and for us we have the added luxury of it being only a half hour away from home. So, we are able to pop down to the port out of season and dine in peace, wander around the étangs surrounded by the cackle of flamingos or plunge our way down the dunes in the 4×4! What more could you ask for?

6 thoughts on “Off roading at Gruissan-Plage

  1. No I haven’t been to visit the Cemetery. French ones are usual pretty impressive. I remember spending a day in one of the big French Parisian ones.
    Will have a look at the “tag”!


  2. The marine cemetery is very unusual, because there are no bodies – only headstones, all planted amongst the trees in a haphazard way. They are in remembrance of local sailors lost at sea.


  3. Hi lovely people at Gruissan and around… I am 39 year old australian, living in
    Weimar – Germany – who is also a photographer – and going to be visiting Gruissan for the week of 28th of Dec 2009- to Jan 4th 2010 – i am embarking on a personal journey which will also form part of my free project for my master of fine art – about the idea of ‘home’ – what it means for me – is it people, places, a feeling – an imagination etc… i was inspired by the 80’s film classic ‘Betty Blue’ – because the film evokes in my something that ‘feels like home’ – and i have decided to come and visit and hang around for a few days and talk to the locals – take photographs and discover for myself what the reality of the area is like and how i feel being there – after having an imagined sensation of the pace for the last 20 years – and not having seen it in real life… My question is: does anyone know a really cheap place to stay there – or near by? i am easy going low maintenance – can sleep on a floor with my little mattress – i could even exchange some some photography or English lessons for a few nights accommodation?? – anyone have any ideas? – cheers Hamish.


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