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A 20th Wedding Anniversary Present

A client of mine in the UK has just celebrated her 20th Wedding Anniversary – my congratulations to her & her husband, especially with 11 children too! She also has time to run a successful internet business and inspiration to many I’m sure.

Sun contacted me just before the Christmas holidays as she was looking for a personalised anniversary gift for her husband. Carcassonne is a special place for them both so it was only fitting she had something from down the road!

Sun asked me to work with red, white & black incorporating hearts & the croix d’oc into the design. Sun ordered a bouchon & cufflinks for her husband and a bookmark for herself. I used polymer clay and the mokume gane technique to provide depth and texture to the items.

I hope Sun & her husband are as delighted with them as I am!

Personalised gifts are all part of the Lunes Bijoux range. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are looking for something original & personal. We are now able to incorporate words / pictures into our designs.

2 thoughts on “A 20th Wedding Anniversary Present

  1. These are beautiful!

    My sister makes incredible things with Polymer clay. I think she should teach classes, she is so talented.

    I like the red/black/white combination.


  2. Thanks ybonesy – I love the versatility of polymer clay and am so pleased that we managed to incorporate the writing on the bottle stopper. Does your sister have a contact / site?


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