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A passion for…..

…well where do I start, flowers? Photography? Maldives? Exotic climates? Sunshine? I suppose it’s all of those. My photography skills are pretty basic but I do love taking such photos and become all the more inspired when travelling.

I seem to have lost a bit of my mojo at the moment, perhaps that’s because I still haven’t fully recovered from a major cold over Christmas and now that Manon Lily is suffering I don’t seem to have sufficient time on my hands.

The French health system is great and never ceases to amaze me. Manon’s routine check-up with the paediatrician this morning has resulted in her needing several kiné sessions to ease bronchial congestion – how wonderful. Such a treatment would never have been prescribed in the UK. I must admit it looked pretty painful watching her have her small chest massaged but it does seem to have eased the pressure and she has found her smile again this afternoon.

Anyway, I’m rambling….the chicken & garlic roast potatoes are almost ready. The local wine – Cambriel’s from Ornaisons is poured so what more is there to do?

A demain…..

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