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What are you listening to?

I am always receptive to new sounds and my music tastes are so wide that it impossible to say what type of music I actually dislike. At the end of the day it comes down to my mood. I like to have music playing in the studio as I believe it creates a certain kind of ambiance and the silence that often hits you when you enter a shop / studio can be over powering.

Several months ago whilst having dinner with some very special friends at Domaine de Meilhan I was introduced to St Germain, a group who just blew my mind away. Their sexy tones, beat and words made me think “wow I want some of this” and so their music can often be heard on my i-pod, through my headphones and in & around the house. I have still to convince Andy that they are really great but I am getting there….. Interestingly, the guy behind St Germain is Ludovic Navarre a French man of course!

In July last year we were fortunate enough to see Gotan Project perform live in Béziers. Their stage presence was fantastic and Andy actually went from tolerating their music being played to appreciating it. Am I getting somewhere at last?





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