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It’s not everyday you become President!

The Arts & Culture association of Luc Sur Orbieu welcomed a new President last night at their A.G.M – me! Oh what joy……

Three years ago when we moved to Luc Sur Orbieu I discovered there was a small association which met to organise art & cultural events. I kept asking and asking to join but never managed to get invited to a meeting! It took me almost a year to be invited to a meeting. I suppose they wanted to see what “we” had to offer…… and so two years on I find myself at the helm and about to organise my first event! This doesn’t really phase me as I organised such events in the UK but what does phase me is the way I am going to have to bring about change. The committee is an all male one…mmm my work might be cut out! I know I am going to have to tread carefully and take my time….I have lots of that! But whether I am successful will remain to be seen.

I spent most of yesterday putting together my January 2008 newsletter it seemed to take ages as I was determined to have it in both French & English!That’s the problem when you are a perfectionist, everything takes twice as long and now with my duties to the Arts & Culture association how on earth will I find the hours in the day? If anyone has any spare hours could they send me some?

In the meantime, I have a polymer clay order to work on, a menu to concoct for tomorrow evening and a somewhat poorly daughter to nurse.

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