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Resolution revolt!

Well it has taken me three days to find the keyboard and wish everyone a happy, healthy & prosperous 2008.

I believe new year resolutions are a complete waste of time as they are only made to be broken and we spend far too much time then licking our wounds and thinking if only I hadn’t said I would…..! Interestingly, I have just received an e-mail from Julie Picarello of Yellow House Designs , Julie sent a link to a blog about resolutions it’s incredible that our blog titles on the subject are almost identical! Enough said….

So what does 2008 have in store for me? Well I know where I would like to go, what I would like to achieve and so on but I am also quite flexible and open to new suggestions. I would like to see my blog take on a new dimension and I can now say that I am happy with the layout / appearance but being the type of person that is constantly moving the furniture around in the house there is bound to be some visible changes soon!

One of my main tasks over the next couple of days is to sort out my on-line e-mail address book. It’s in an awful state, all mixed up and incoherent. I shudder at the task. And then I need to find a decent piece of software to act as a mailer – should I pay for the privilege? Perhaps someone reading my banter could recommend one?

In the meantime, the studio lights are turned on full, the heater is on and I’m open for business!

2 thoughts on “Resolution revolt!

  1. Mi Barrio – I’m afraid not. I spent two months in Montpellier last summer but only saw the sites from the window of room 4232 at Arnaud de Villeneuve!


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